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Prophecy LXII

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God's Secrets Revealed




The prophet Daniel saw the setting of the judgment with the millions of Heavenly beings present and the opening of the books. Some 600 years later the prophet, John, in the book of Revelation saw the same scene only much more. John saw the throne and around it he saw 24 elders on seats around the throne. Who are they and where are they from?

When Jesus died the record says there was an earthquake and many graves were opened and many of the saints that slept arose and came out of their graves. After Jesus rose they were seen by many people for they came into the holy city and were seen by many.

John in Revelation foresees these clothed in white raiment with crowns of gold. These elders went to Heaven when Jesus did and now they are wittinesses in the great court series in Heaven.

John then sees, as it were, a sea of glass around the throne and on this beautiful surface he sees four beasts full of eyes before and behind. The first beast like a lion, the second beast like an ox, the third like a man and the fourth like a flying eagle. These beasts not only had eyes all around but also within.

The first three beasts represent humanity. The lion, king of beasts, represents the rulers, kings, the rich and the powerful. The ox was used as a farm animal and represents the servants of earth, the likeness of man, the middle class to which most people belong. The flying eagle represents deity. The eyes before, behind and within tells of one who knows all there is to know about humanity. Who else but Jesus?

He knows all about the temptations of power of wealth as kings and the rich. He knows all about the servants of the world for he came to serve humanity. Even to the washing of the feet of His disciples. Then as a Lamb of God He became the Sacrifice to which the death of millions of innocent animals had pointed. The one like a man. The middle class He was there and knows and understands people like us, our desires, temptations and wants. He went through it all. He also saw how God looks at that which goes on.

In chapter 5, John sees the Father on the throne with a book in His right hand. The book has much written in it. (The records of people) A strong angel in a loud voice says, “Who is worthy to open the book and look at its contents.”

John weeps because no one in the universe is worthy to open and read the book. Then an angel says, “Someone has been found, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, which is Jesus, is able to look at the contents of the Book.”

As John watches he sees in the midst of the beasts and elders a lamb in the process of dying but it has seven horns and seven eyes. The lamb is Christ. The seven eyes and horns means all seeing all powerful.

Jesus takes the book out of the Fathers hand. The 24 elders and beasts around the throne fall down and worship the Lamb. The Elders represent people from earth and they have personally been saved by Jesus sacrifice. Now they thank Him before the universe.

Then as we read on we see all creatures praise God and say “Worthy is the Lamb because of what He has done to save humanity.” Now all see the love and justice of God and also that satan's accusations are false and now they will trust Jesus to look at the books and pass judgment.

Jesus understands sin. He lived with it. He was not a partaker of sin but He lived 33 ½ years among sinners and He saw what it does to people. That is why He paid the big price to rescue people from its ravages and give them hope for something better here and hope for ever lasting life.

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