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Prophecy Part LX

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God's Secrets Revealed

Part LX


When the Soviet Union ceased, the Adventist church built a publishing house where they printed church material for themselves and any other church that needed it. In this material that went to people who did not know about God. What would be important, creation, nature, how things came into being and how they stay in such order as the heavenly bodies with their perfect timing and also the human body with it's perfection to think and plan created after the image of God. Then, to the wonderful story of Jesus, His birth, life, death and resurrection. Him going back to heaven to prepare places for His people for when He fulfills His promise to return and take His people to Heaven.

These publications would also better health and living messages. When Jesus was on earth He spent more time helping than preaching. The health of people was very important to Jesus for He loves the people. The church in its beginning was given many instruction by God through Ellen White for health improvement and today the church operates over 300 hospitals, clinics and dispensaries world wide. It is more difficult for a sick body to accept the love of Jesus than for a healthy body.

In China the people are getting a little more freedom to worship God as they like, somewhat. With all the churches that are in the world there are a lot of people who do not have access to a church and who are not allowed to have the gospel preached in their country. With the increase in knowledge that the prophet predicted the Adventist church has taken advantage of this and we have a radio network called AWR (Adventist World Radio) that covers wherever people are not permitted to go and also far out where people live back in the hill country where travel is difficult. In these difficult places most people have access to radios and AWR takes people who have accepted Jesus who speak the language or dialect and teaches them how to prepare messages to air on radio so more people can hear the good news of Jesus, not through an interpreter but in their own home language. The goal is to cover all areas like some of the 11 time zones of Russia, parts of China, Mongolia and all places hard to get at or not allowed. With the wonderful news of a God, the Creator, who loves them and has plans for them to have a better life.

The church also has a television network that covers much of the world where there is television. When we look at the various programs the church operates we might well recognize that it all costs a lot of money. We don't own oil wells or gold mines but there are millions of church members who love their Lord and their fellow man.

In the church we don't have CEOs who get millions in salaries and another million in bonuses, nor do we have a lot of underfeeds. Whether rich or poor, when we give as the Lord has blessed He supplies our needs. Every Sabbath at church we take up a mission offering that is for work expansion somewhere. People give what they can. In the poor countries a person might bring an egg or a handful of beans or what they have. This is sold and the money goes for missions but the giver feels blessed.

Jesus said it is more blessed to give than to receive and also God loves a cheerful giver. After all, there is a place where everyone can participate in sharing the good news.

Our goal is to have everyone hear and see the wonderful love of Jesus in action. Jesus is coming again and what a wonderful place Heaven will be!! No earthquakes as the people in Italy experienced, no fear of shootings, or stabbings, no homeless.

Jesus said He was going to prepare places for His faithful people.