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Prophecy Part LIX

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God's Secrets Revealed

Part LIX


Time went on. The church grew. They sent out missionaries, built schools and hospitals but then a change in world affairs took place. In Europe, World War I started. The Kaiser had dreams of a European Empire, including part of oil rich Asia.

While the war was in progress the Russian Revolution broke out. The Russian people tired of the heavy hand of the church. The church believed in a leader that said there is no God and the anti-God revolution began to put away all belief in God the Creator.

In Europe, Germany lost the war as the prophecy had foretold and brought financial and political instability. In Russia the country came under a hard core dictatorship.

Then came the great depression of 1928. All this affected the church overseas as it was basically financed by members from US and Canada.

In 1937, the war clouds again began to appear over Europe. Hitler, who knew the failures of others who had tried to reunite Europe said he would succeed where others had failed. He was going to defeat the words of the prophet Daniel who said of the 10 toes, divisions, they shall not cleave and so World War II began.

WWII did not only centre in Europe but Russia became involved. Japan joined the war against the US. Japan also invaded some of the countries of that part of Asia and China was at war with Japan.

It seemed that the ruler of Italy, the Emperor of Japan and Hitler were combining to become the rulers of the world. World War II came to an end with terrible tragedies: the Holocaust and the destruction caused by the “H” bomb dropped on Japan.

All the countries in the east block of Europe were given to Russia for their part in the war that defeated Hitler. Russia then took the small countries around the Black and Caspian Sea. Some bordered China and we had the birth of the Soviet Union.

At that time all churches were closed and Pastors and Preachers were sent to labour camps. Parents who taught their children at home about God had their children taken away if the authorities found out. In China a non-Christian element had taken over and all mission work had to be suspended. The Adventist church lost their big hospital in Shanghai and smaller ones inland. All medical staff and mission staff had to leave.

The Soviet Union began to flex its muscles and we had the cold war and with it certain fears. The Churches mission work in Africa, India, Central and South America and the Islands of the Pacific went on. Schools were built, orphanages and churches were built and the beautiful story of Jesus' love was taught. Jesus said this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world that Jesus would come.

But what happened? Had God lost control of a big part of the world? The preaching and teaching of God and His word was not permitted. In the soviet Union the farmer who grew different kinds of crops was replaced by people who had degrees in farming. From the schools these managed huge commune farms where they grew only one kind of crop. When something goes wrong and the whole country is out of produce.

They put a lot of energy into technology. Flying to the moon and such things.
I have studied prophecy for many years and in the 11th chapter of

Daniel, near the end of the chapter, the prophet was talking of a big anti-God kingdom that would attempt to spread its power. I became convinced he was speaking of the Soviet Union. What was puzzling to me was the last verse that says he shall come to his end and none shall help him. How could this mighty empire that covered 11 time zones, with all the resources that they need be brought down and by who?

After about 70 years this huge country found itself in real financial turmoil and unable to feed itself. They appealed to the west for aid and were promised help under one condition. They would have to dismantle the Union and give freedom to all the countries it had ruled and give freedom to all its people.

The mighty change took place without war or bloodshed. God was now moving to give to all people freedom and to all churches, the freedom and privilege to preach the gospel of Jesus' love and His second coming.

Jesus had said the gospel was to be proclaimed to all the world and now He opened the door so His prophecy could be fulfilled. His word is sure and can always be trusted.