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Prophecy Part LVIII

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God's Secrets Revealed



The day had passed and Jesus had not come as they had really believed that He would. We can hardly imagine their disappointment for this had been their life for days, weeks and months. Now all they believed was shattered.

A small number believed a mistake had been made and then wanted to find the answer. They were few and scattered. When they came together they decided to take one topic at a time and find the Bible answer. They found that the cleansing of the sanctuary in Daniel as not earthly. In Hebrews 8 it says there is a sanctuary in Heaven and that is what the prophecy had pointed to.

When they had exhausted all there was on their first subject Ellen White, wife of James White (one of the group) had a vision. In the vision she was told that what the men had found was Bible truth. This was great encouragement for the group and they continued studying for a long time until they came to a full understanding of Bible truth.

After a few years of study and prayer, one of the groups worshiping on Sunday (which they all were) had a surprise visitor from a lady of another church group who kept the seventh day Sabbath. She showed them this was Bible truth. As the groups got together and studied what God's word had to say on the subject they accepted the word and began to keep the seventh day Bible Sabbath.

The group was growing as former members of the Millerites were shown Bible truth. God had more to teach them. He wanted His people to have a better and healthier way of life.

One day Ellen White said, “The Lord has shown me that the use of tobacco is harmful to our health.” Some of the members were farmers and grew and used tobacco. It was at that time recommended by doctors for health purposes.

As the group grew they felt the need of organization and in 1863 they organized into a legally registered church: the Seventh Day Adventist church.

God sent more messages through Ellen White. Ones that dealt with people's health. One theory was that night air was unhealthy so people closed all windows come evening. A message from God said to open windows in sleeping rooms and also when you build a house, face the main windows to the south to let in the sunshine.

A message from God, through Ellen White said for the church to build simple, healing houses where people could come for simple treatments. Where they could learn healthier life styles and a simple diet with less dependency on flesh food, especially fat and blood. A place where they could learn of God's love and care for them and His second coming.

Then came the message to the church to build a publishing house where Bible messages, health and better living could be circulated. Then instruction to build schools where the Adventists message could be taught and practiced. The church began to send missionaries to different countries.

Then came the call to build hospitals. Not only to help the sick but to teach health practices and God's word. Also to teach young men and women to be themselves health professionals.

A big hospital was built in Loma Linda, California by direct message from God through Ellen White. This was started in the late 1880's and has become a world recognized hospital. A place of learning where every kind of medical profession is taught.

Other big hospitals and schools were built across the US and then in other mission countries. Then the home trained doctors, nurses and others went to help start and train people to help themselves.

Schools in particular and sometimes hospitals were and are built with some sort of industry around them so students can work and that way pay part of their school fees.

In Australia they built a hospital away from a city centre to give room for expansion. The hospital has grown into a fairly big institution and an industry was developed: the making of breakfast cereal. This was over a few years ago and has grown to be the biggest cold cereal in the country. The industry is still going and the profits from this is used for school and medical centres in the area of the south pacific.

When the prophet, Daniel had the vision of the 2300 days he did not understand what this was about. Then, the angel told him the seal that part of the prophecy until the time of the end. Some 600 years later the prophet John in a vision saw an angel standing with an open book in his hand...the closed book of Daniel. The angel said to John, take the book and eat it up (that is study it) and it shall be in your mouth sweet as honey but it would be bitter in your belly.

That is what happened in 1844. A great disappointment but the angel said, “You must teach it again to every nation and people.” Teach what? The second coming of Jesus, world events and prophecies. They point to the end and the second coming of Jesus.