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Prophecy Part LV

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God's Secrets Revealed

Part LV


When king Nebuchadnezzar had been through two experiences with images. The first in a dream that Daniel interpreted, the second was the golden image last week. He still would not accept God's word that Babylon would go down. He now went to build a city that could not be taken by a foreign power.

The great Euphrates river ran through the city so he built a double wall around each side of the city. These walls were thick enough so two chariots could pass on the wall. They were far enough apart and engineered so that in case the outer wall could be broke through the area between the walls could be flooded. This was built on each side of the river and a wall was built along the river bank on each side. A big gate that closed was on one side of the river where commerce could be loaded going along the river. At each end of the city a wall extended across the river to unite the city. With the war equipment they had at that time it was very secure and almost impossible to take.

The king died and after some time his grandson Belshazzar became king. Years before the Jews went into captivity the prophet Jeremiah said the captivity would only be 70 years then they would return to Judea. Would the proud, boastful Babylonians let their captives return?

God had a plan. Years before it was to happen God, through the prophet Isaiah, named a man who would do this. It was Cyrus. When he came on the scene he became head of the Persian Empire. After some years Cyrus the Persian joined with Darius the med and they invaded the Babylonian Empire and were very successful.

After some years they were near the city of Babylon. When the Babylonians saw they could not win the war they prepared for a siege. They collected food and stored it. So, that plus what they could grow in the city they expected to last 15 years and nobody could last a 15 year siege. When all the men of war came into the city the gates were closed and Cyrus was “stuck” outside.

What about the prophecy? The Babylonians were idol worshipers and every year on a special day they had a big celebration in honour of their gods. This year would be special as their gods, almost 70 years ago helped them over the God of the Jews and now had helped them against the Persians.

Cyrus knew of the preparations for the big party and he took a gamble. He dug a channel for the river to drain into a low area miles from the city hoping that the Babylonians (in their big drunken party) would forget to close the gate that led down to the river. If that happened Cyrus with his troops could go along the river bed surprise the guards and enter the city.

The Holy Spirit, no doubt, was impressing Cyrus with these thoughts and He cut the channel. In the city, preparations were made for the big special party in the big banquet hall. As night fell the workers opened the last bit of the channel and the water began to flow out of the river. The water level fell and Cyrus and his men moved along the river bank towards the city.

In the banquet hall the band began to play and the entertainers began the show. The servants started to serve drinks. When the wine began to numb the minds of the people. The king sent for the sacred vessels that had been brought from God's temple in Jerusalem.

Outside the Persians entered the city in the lowered river. As the wine was being served in the sacred vessels and people were drinking in honour of their gods high up on the wall above the stage and armless hand began to write. This terrified the people. The king sent for his wise men to read the message. They could not interpret it for it was God's writing.

Daniel was called and the king asked, “Can you read the writing?” he said, “Yes.” But, before he did he said to the king, “You knew of God's dealings with your grandfather how God humbled him and what have you done with the knowledge? You have set yourself against the God of Heaven and desecrated the Holy Vessels of God's temple now God has sent you a message and this is it. God has numbered your kingdom and finished it, you have been weighed in the balances and found wanting. Your kingdom is taken by the Medes and Persians.”

Cyrus came and the gate was open and surprised the half drunk guards. Years before, God, through the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 45:1) said “the river would be dry and the gate open” and it was just as God had predicted.

The king was killed and the Persians took over the kingdom of Babylon forever finished. When Cyrus got established and the 70 years were over he helped the Jews go back and even helped with the temple.

We find several things in these two prophecies. Last week Jesus walked into the fire to save three men who were faithful to Him and this was witnessed by many. This week He opened the gate so Cyrus could get in and set all the captives free.

Here we see the exact fulfillment of His prophecies no matter what man does to secure his plans as God's plans of the past have happened exactly as He said and so will His future prophecies. Jesus will come and set His people free from sin.

I am a retired pastor of the Seventh Day Adventist church. I have studied and watched prophecies for many years and have seen and am seeing some wonderful things being fulfilled.

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