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Part LI
More of God’s Creation
What beautiful weather for the beginning of February. We should be thankful for these days and feel for the people who are having bad conditions.
Last week we looked at this wonderful world that God created but we looked at what there is below the surface. This week I want to look at what is above the ground.
I grew up in northern Saskatchewan, in the bush country, where moose and deer were common sights along with wild berries, like blueberries and saskatoons. In the flat open country of the south, flat, fertile lands that is well suited for the growing of wheat which is the basic ingredient for bread, porridge, cakes, buns, etc.
Going west, Alberta is much the same. Wild roses then the rolling hills and the open foothills where the deer and the antelope graze.
Going still west into the mountains of Alberta and BC where God stores the water for the coming season, we see some new sights like the mountain sheep and goats. These agile creatures with feet suited to walk on the steep rocky slopes. And, the mountain caribou and the big grizzly bear that makes their homes in the mountains.
In the valleys of BC we come into the fruit lands. The orchards of apples, pears, plums, cherries, peaches and berries. In the Okanagan, Vernon is the home of the Mackintosh apple. Oyama is where the cherries and peaches begin and go right to the border. The lower mainland, with its acres of delicious blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and vegetables of all kinds, flowers to gladden the heart.
Between the valleys and on the hills are timberlands and pasture lands and up north the vast tundra where large herds of caribou live and migrate. Further north are the musk ox and Artic fox and in the spring, thousands of geese migrate there to raise their young. There we also find the sandhill crane and different migratory birds.
As we look to every part of the globe we see different kinds of crops grown for the people who live there and also every region has its own animal life that is suited to that area and climate. The hippo would not do well in BC. Neither would the moose do in Africa.
Then we have rain forests and jungle areas where all kinds of birds and creatures live that could not survive in drier or colder places of earth. What a wonderful world we live in and in every part of earth there is provision for people to live. There is plant life and animal life. Birds from the frozen north to the sweltering heat of the tropics and the barren deserts.
The migratory birds with their fluttering around and their songs can be enjoyed not only in one place but in another season thousands of miles away. Over the years people have moved from one part of the earth to another to where they want to live.
When I look at the whole big picture I see no way that things just happened somewhere. There is a Master planner and a wonderful engineer who put all this together. That Master Planner was and is God. Who, at the beginning of this earth's history, creation, made provisions for everything we need and also for our enjoyment.
The beautiful scenery of the landscape, the songs of the birds, the sunset and sunrise tell us He is a lover of the beautiful and the Giver of good things to His children. He keeps things in order day after day, for the benefit of those who He created (in His own image).
When we look at all that has been provided for our every need and enjoyment what has the Creator, God asked in return for all these things? He wants us to never forget where we came from. That we were created in His image on the sixth day of creation and who we are. We are His children because He made us. It doesn't matter what colour we might be, the apostle Paul says He made all nations of one blood. Just so we are never to forget who He is, the Giver and Creator, and who we are, His children. At creation He set aside the seventh day as a day of remembrance. A day of thanksgiving and worship for all the blessings we receive. God did not say any day but the one He had set aside and blessed for the special purpose of praise and remembrance.
God says, “I change not. I Am the same yesterday, today and forever.” So, we can count on His tender love and care for us. And Jesus never fails.