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Part L

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God’s Secrets Revealed
Week L
            It’s one of the colder days.  The sun is shining but it is still cold.  It is January in winter.  The cold isn’t too bad.   I have a nice warm home and gas heat, a thermostat on the wall to control the furnace.
I grew up with wood heat in the mid forties to fifties. I had a saw mill in the Lumby area and then somebody came up with the sawdust burner.  I sold sawdust to vendors.  It was good, easy to use heat.  One of these vendors had customers as far as Penticton.
One cold winter the lake at Kelowna froze and the ferry could not run.  The poor fellow had to go to Penticton through Kamloops, Merritt, Princton.  An expensive way to deliver fuel.  Then came gas for heating.  What a change that brought.
            Where did the gas come from?  from the very time of creation.
God knowing that some time in the future, near the time of the end, there would be a need.  When planning for the world and man God knew what would be needed and for every need and every occasion He provided for all time.  In the depths of the earth, under water, in remote areas huge deposits of gas were put, same as oil.  In different places of the earth, under deserts, under water huge deposits of the material was deposited.  In the depths of the mountains, deposits of coal, iron, copper, gold, silver and all sorts of minerals were placed for the future use of man.
The earth itself, like the body of a person’s blood system, is crossed and crisscrossed with water (veins).  There is a place in Idaho where there are numerous springs of water.  They have been traced to originate in Alaska.  God has left no place without the provision, without this life giving water.
On the homestead in the 30s, my dad found many a well for people.  He had a certain willow that told him where the water vein was and another willow that told him how deep.  Everybody could have a well of clean fresh water.
High up in the mountains where the snows and the glaciers are perpetually melting snow and glacier water fills the rocks and caverns.  Through the year they release this precious fluid and fill lakes, rivers and ponds of the earth for the coming year.
About 30 years ago we lived in Smithers and one day my son (12) and I decided to climb the big rock hill and hike up to the glacier that fed the creek and lake below.  It was a beautiful warm sunny day.  As we made our way up the rocky hill near the glacier there was a small creek and a foot bridge over it.  Here we stopped to eat our lunch.  I said to my son, “Would you ask the blessing on our food?” He said, “Yes.” As we bowed our heads he thanked God for the sunshine, food then for the water that ran under the bridge.  When we have a hot shower or bath do we ever think of the blessing of the water or the gas that heated it?  We just take it as something that belongs to us but these are given to us by the Creator and Sustainer of the world.
The other day I turned my television to 3ABN, the Adventist TV program, and there was the man that is at the head of Maranatha (an organization within the church working for the benefit of the less privledged people all over the world and the picture was in Africa.  One of the poor countries that has suffered from internal strife, the people are poor and have so little of this world’s things and necessities.  Some of these places have no water.  They showed children and women with buckets on their heads carrying water up to nine kilometres.  What a distance to go to get a drink.  It takes a lot of time and effort to get water and so it is used sparingly.
A well driller from the USA had volunteered to drill wells in this part of the country and had hired a rig from South Africa to drill wells.  When the rig moved into the village on site there was a lot of excitement and hope for the people.  The people help with whatever they can.  When the well was complete, the rig moved on and the well was capped and had to wait for the pump and a cement base to keep the well clean.  When this was complete and the pump installed the excitement came again when somebody activated the handle and the water started coming.  What a moment.  Children and adults running with every kind of container they find wanting a drink of this cool, fresh, clean water.
The job isn’t finished yet.  The people are taught that this is a blessing that comes from the Creator God who loves them.  Next a church will be built where they can learn more of God’s love and learn to worship Him.  The job is still not finished.  This has to be paid for so the next picture on the screen was an appeal to help pay for the project.  They didn’t ask for a big donation only $50.00.  The lady in the picture looked right at me and said, “Will you help?”  I answered, “Yes.” And so did many others.  No big strain on anyone but many will share the blessing of giving and receiving.  Jesus said it is more blessed to give than to receive.
Next Week:  More of God’s Creation