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What a beautiful day! As I sit to write the sun is shining, the sky is clear and blue. Part way up the hill everything is covered with white frost and further up the frost is gone but the whole scene looks so nice, so bright, so full of promise just like the world scene looks today.
In the middle east a cease fire is in effect and people can go on with rebuilding their lives.
In the west there are great hopes for tomorrow when the first of its kind will take place...a black man will become the next President of the United States. A century and a half ago you could have been shot for even entertaining the thought.
God, through Daniel said He sets up kings and takes them down. The colour of the skin was not mentioned. Paul said, “of one blood, God has created all mankind. God is no respecter of persons, in His sight we are all equal.”
In the minds of many in the world this is a day of sunshine, blue sky and new starts in this time of serious economic problems over the entire world. This was not one man's doing that brought this on and it is a big hope to expect one man to fix the whole situation.
When Jesus was about to be born the angels came to Joseph and told him to call the baby Jesus for He shall save His people from their sins. What are sins? When John the Baptist was preaching down by the river Jordan, his theme was repentance. He said he would lay the axe at the root of the problem. The people came to John and asked, “what shall we do?”
He answered, “Be honest, don't over charge.” The soldiers came with the same question. John was a powerful preacher and he got people's attention about themselves. John told them to.. “Be content with your wages and don't force anybody.”
John laid it out kind of clear, selfishness was the root cause of all problems. Man has not changed that much when we look at our economic problems, a lot of it has to do with greed. Why did our great lending institutions get people into such depths of debt. This debt is what has sent everything out of control with greed at the heart.
During the beginning of Adventist abolition in the US, the Adventists believed in freedom to all mankind. Because of this they were afraid for their lives while they preached in the south. One man asked a preacher, “Do you want to take our slaves away?” The plight of the slave did not bother him, he thought only of himself.
The tables have turned and man has become the slave to money, possessions and self. The new administration in the US will inject a large amount of money into the system to get things going again. But, could this bring about more of the old problems? greed, and dishonesty.
What is really needed at this time is a change of heart but that is not easy to come by when the old has been so deep seated. When Jesus came the world was full of selfishness and greed for power as well as for material things. When Jesus tried to show them a better way they would have nothing of it. To have a change of heart, uh uh, no way. They wanted to be the powerful, the rich, the important. When Jesus would not go along with their wishes they crucified Him.
In thinking of the sad situation the province is in over their Olympic building and the hundreds of millions of dollars that they are short, was all that an honest mistake or has there been some greed involved? Now we, the tax payers, could be on the hook for $85,000. a day in extra payment when the economy already doesn't look too bright.
Jesus warned that at the end of time men's minds would be evil continually and there would be violence and corruption.
While this goes on around us Jesus says come unto me all ye who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.
What a wonderful promise that with Jesus in our hearts we can have peace in our heart even in difficult times and His promise is, “I will never leave you or forsake you.” And, Jesus NEVER fails.