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NewTestament: A Small God Part XLVIII

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Last week we looked at the big God. The God who moved over the top men in the world and showed His power as He cared for His own people. Today I want to look at a very small God, Jesus. Jesus, who left the courts of Heaven, the adoration of angels and the universe to become the smallest of the small. To become the small seed, sperm, in the womb of the virgin Mary so small at first that He did not even show on her body.
When He was born He was small enough to lay in a manger where a small donkey's feed was put. Jesus came not to scare people with His size and power but to show all both the small and great. To show all that He had everybody's best interest at heart. He made Himself small so we might see how big His heart of love is.
The scripture says He grew in favour with God and man. At an early age His mother taught Him to read from the Psalms and prophecies of the old testament. She also spent time with Him out in nature and taught Jesus to enjoy the things His hands had made at creation.
As He grew older He joined Joseph in the carpenters shop and the construction of houses. He spent a lot of time in the scripture, nature and in prayer to His Heavenly Father. During His ministry His teachings came from the knowledge He had gotten from his earlier years of study. Sometime during these years Joseph died and Jesus looked after His mother and Himself. He became well acquainted with work and how to provide.
When the spirit called Him to go to the Jordan and be baptized to begin the work He had come to do, He went. Once He had been baptized He chose His 12 disciples whom He would train. They would not be trained in the schools of the day but where God's law and principles were changed so as to fit the thinking and practice of the religious leaders of His time. (who were out for power, money and praise from the people.)
Jesus taught His disciples the true principles of the word, the real meaning of service and God's love that He continually showed as he dealt with people of all walks of life. No one ever came to Jesus with a problem but He sent them away after He helped and healed, forgave their sin and set them free from stress and guilt to all who came.
The time of His life on earth was coming to a close. The leaders of the people were very jealous of Him because He showed them up and drew a lot of people to the true word and the love of God.
Then came the time when He was arrested and brought before the Jewish leaders and Pilate, who had Him crucified to satisfy the Jewish leaders and Satan. Jesus died. This pleased the leaders but angered satan. He wanted Jesus to give up and walk away from all the pain, humiliation and torture but He did not because of His love for humanity. Now Satan would be charged with the death of Jesus.
When He died, Jesus had partaken of every problem and experience that can come to mankind: from the womb of Mary to the tomb. He rested in the tomb. He went through all the experience that all could go through. Then, the glorious resurrection.
After His resurrection Jesus instructed His disciples what they were to do. To carry on His work. To lay the foundation for the church and tell the world the whole story of Jesus and salvation.
In addition to what they now had He added the wonderful story of His preparing homes for them in Heaven and coming again to take His faithful ones back to Heaven with Him. He went back to Heaven and is now seated at the right hand of God.
Has He retired and left the world to fend for itself? Not at all. He still wants to be in close contact with His people through prayer, Heaven's phone. He understands all and says in Hebrews 4:16, “Let us therefore come boldly, confidently, to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” In these difficult and stressful times this is a kind invitation to come. He understands all for He has been there.