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Time to switch to my new calendar as the old one has served its purpose. A new calendar, a new year, Christmas and the old year are history and everyone is a year older.

As we take a short look back at the year that has been, we have to admit it was quite an eventful one. But, in spite of the events of this last year we need to remember our blessings. As I watch the news and see the weather problems in different parts of the country we should be thankful for the good weather we have had.

Looking at my new calendar I see every month has a new nature scene. We live in a beautiful country! We have a God who is a lover of the beautiful so He has provided us with a lot of beautiful scenes for our enjoyment.

The whole country is covered with a nice, thick blanket of snow. Everything looks fresh, white and clean. God could have chosen to make the snow any other colour, grey, blue, orange and we would never have seen how beautiful the white is. It makes everything look so clean and crisp.

We have just celebrated Christmas with its lights and songs and now we have started a brand new year. Let's picture it as a year that is white and clean and new, like a new beginning. Our governments, both provincial and federal, are looking at new ways to begin the year to cope with the financial crisis we are in. It might be a good time to look at a new personal beginning.

I see on the news people looking at how to manage our personal finances to get out of debt and still pay our way. Our health would be a good place to look at for a new beginning.

The Apostle John, in his letter says, “beloved, I would, above all things, that thou mayest be in good health.”

It is God's wish that we be healthy for that is where a lot of problems begin and end with the way we live. I see on the news at this time of year that there are a lot more problems with our heart. It is because of our over eating and drinking at this time of celebration.

A good place to look for a new beginning in health and financial management is to look at what we drink. I see people, old and young, with containers of drinks, laden with sugar, caffeine and/or alcohol. Not only are they not good for us they are costly.

In times of financial troubles we need to look at ourselves and our children. Are we setting a good example for them as they begin life.

Politicians and legislators see things worsening.  The Bible prophet, Daniel, predicted a time of trouble that creates stress and all kinds of physical problems. To minimize the problems that are, and are in the making, it would be a good time to turn to the word of God for answers to a lot of personal problems.

When Jesus talked about these things He said, “ask and ye shall receive.”

Ask for what? a ticket to outer space? No. But things that we need that are good for us and He promises “ shall receive.”

In the old testament book of Isaiah, God talks about troubles then He says those who will do what is right, be honest and truthful, treat others right and not be greedy but help others less fortunate He says to them, “bread shall be given them, his water shall be sure.” God is not promising the very least but He promises to supply our needs whatever they may be for He loves His people.

During the days of Elijah, the prophet, God had him deliver a hard message to the wicked king of Israel. After he delivered the message, God told him to hide himself for the king would be looking to take his life.

So, Elijah went into a steep ravine where there was a little stream of nice, fresh, cool water. As evening came he heard ravens. They came down through the trees and dropped bread and meat for the prophet. Can you imagine? A raven bringing meat for the faithful prophet while hiding from the king.

The lesson here is that God has ways and means to provide for His people. (Those who are doing His will.)

This new year we will see some challenges. If we do what is best, ask God to help us live for Him, then make whatever changes are best for us then we will come out of the year just fine. I believe God wants us to see what is important now and for what is ahead.

Jesus said, “I will come again.” Today's difficulties are to remind us that this great event is not far into the future.

God is Love. He wants us to have a good year. We must learn to trust and obey in order to have eternal life at His coming.

Here's to you having a healthy and happy new year!!