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Part XLI

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Part XLI



When the disciples asked Jesus what the sign would be of the nearness of His coming and of the end of the world He mentioned weather conditions like earthquakes and famines. In the last number of years there has been a definite increase in the number of earthquakes. Some, not all, have been severe but they are all counted. Jesus said these would be definite signs of the nearness of His coming.

In the last few years we have seen some severe earthquakes and floods in different parts of the world. Some of the floods have washed sea water over the land so crops won't do well. Every few days the news shows flooding somewhere.

In the past few months hurricanes have created a lot of destruction and difficulties for many. Today as I am writing I see on the news the fires in California are really causing a lot of destruction. Over 800 homes are gone and the fire is still raging driven by heat and strong winds. These things have caused a lot of problems but not like the crash of Lemans financial. When giants crash a number of others go down. The debt load of some companies is almost unbelievable. General Motors, one of the biggest companies in the world, their labour costs are $78.00 per hour. That is the total cost of labour and benefits. The company spends more money on health care than it does on steel for its cars and trucks. The care bill is so high because of the lifestyle of their employees and families.

I grew up in northern Saskatchewan on the homestead during the 30s. Our travel was on foot. Our diet was the garden and the barn for our eggs, milk and meat were all home grown and fresh. Our fruit consisted of wild berries: blueberries, choke cherries, Saskatoon berries, raspberries.

When the state of the economy improved our simple food began to change. The prophet, Daniel says of the time of the end knowledge shall be increased and this also began to change our way of living.

Transportation improved and so did the movement and importation of food. People looking for ways to make money looked at the improvement in wages and better standard of loving came up with the fast food idea that is all around us today. They did not look at health but money and developed food for taste and not for nutrition.

In the bible God, through Moses, instructed people for good health they were not to eat the blood or fat of animals. But, for sake of taste and money these principles were ignored and the food industry came up with french fries and other deep fried foods. Drinks laced with sugar and caffeine became the order of the day. People of all ages began to consume these unhealthy products. Schools left out the peanut butter sandwiches and water to replace them with fast, prepared foods that were now affordable. Because of better wages we also switched from water to canned, unhealthy drinks.

The easy credit card also contributed to the problem. God said He wanted a healthy, happy people and did not want to bring upon them the disease of Egypt so He gave them a healthy diet and lifestyle. Now where are we? Lung cancer from smoking and other pollutants in the air. Diabetes and heart problems because of our rich, sweet diet and lack of exercise. These problems have become common.

God has given knowledge through science and inventions to help those who have these problems. Through medication, operations and transplants we are able to help but what a cost to industry! To bail out the industry so they can carry on business as usual, is that the answer?


Next week: Where do we go from here?