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Holding the four winds Part XXXIX

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Holding the four winds



When John envisioned a scene God opened up another scene. John said after these things in Revelation 7, he saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth holding the four winds of the earth. Winds represented strife, difficulties and problems that come upon the earth and these angels are to protect the earth from any destructive problems that might come (sea, trees, vegetation).

Then, John saw another angel coming from the east. As the sun rose he saw that this angel had a seal from God in his hand. Seals have been used to show ownership like when buying a parcel of land the deal is finalized by a stamp upon the title placed by one in authority of that certain region. The angels who are holding in check the problems of earth, are not to let go because there is a special work that is to be performed before the storms are released.

The seal of God that is placed on a person is not visible from the outside but he says the seal is to be placed in the forehead. Here is where decisions are made in life. A seal is a sign of ownership but it can also mean to seal a jar or a container so what is inside will not change but always be fresh.

The seal God wants to put on His people is a commitment. Stating that they will stay faithful with His help when the four angels keep letting additional problems come on the earth. The problems are to serve two purposes to get our attention that things are going to get worse so we will come to Jesus (to prepare for His coming). Also to test those who think they are right with God whether we are keeping His commandments.

The next verse is very encouraging, John said there were 12 thousand sealed out of each of the 12 tribes of Israel. This is not literal Israel but the 12 sons of Jacob. They had characters and problems that are common to mankind. They were drinkers, immoral, lazy, ambitious for power, God fearing, fault finders and a fairly good cross section of society. Out of those who had these characters there were 12 thousand sealed. The good news is that it doesn't matter what kind of background we may have, if we come to Jesus He will help to change us into the image and character of Jesus so we can become part of the family of God.

There are many today who are captives or slaves to one thing or another eating, drinking, money, sex, violence and stealing to name a few. John sees these in a vision in the book of Revelation and he says those who practice these things will not inherit eternal life. If God were to take those who practice this kind of behaviour to Heaven they would not be happy there and would soon revert to what they practiced and loved here on earth. Then what would Heaven become?

God said that sin shall not rise up a second time. So it would be wise to take a second look at what is going on and the results of this kind of behaviour. If we ignore God's rules for health, poverty, or hurting loved ones. Maybe we really enjoy these things for a while but is it good thinking? We trade these things that we only have for a short period of time so we get to be 80 or 90 years old only to end up suffering from cancer, heart problems or other poor functions. For eternal life we will experience no sickness, no death, no tears, no jails and no hospitals but church with God's people every Sabbath.

John saw this kind of multitude. He saw those who had been sealed. This multitude was made up of all classes of people on earth and they were singing praises to God for helping them to make the right choices and changing their lifestyle and knowing they had made the right choice. God has the door open and is waiting for all to make the right choices.