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Last week, Jesus had looked at the king, whom He understood, for He was the King of Heaven. But the ox and the servant, did the King of Heaven understand the role of a worker or a servant?

Jesus said that He came NOT to be ministered to but to minister. He was always doing something for others. At times He would walk long distances to help someone whom He knew needed help.

At the last supper, the disciples were so preoccupied wondering who was to be the greatest in the earthly kingdom and they hoped Jesus would set up and drive out the Romans that they forgot to hire a non-Jew to do the very lowest of jobs and wash the feet of the guests. Jesus could have told one of the disciples to do the job. He did not want to embarrass them so He did the job Himself.

Jesus did not feel above taking the lowest job. He could identify with the servant at the bottom of the work ladder.

Jesus also understands the middle class for He was there. When we think of the judgment we can be confident that Jesus, who loves people, will do what is right and fair.

Now, back to John's vision from last week....

As John watched he saw on the right hand of the One on the throne (God) a book full of writing but it was sealed. No one seemed to be able to break the seal, not that it would be so hard. No one could understand what it was in the book.

Suddenly the scene changed. Where the elders were and around the throne was a Lamb. John understood this for a lamb was used as the sacrifice in the temple.

Now there seemed to be a big screen, the screen of the ages and as the beings of the universe and the elders watch there was a replay of what went on down on earth. There they saw the Lamb and what He had gone through. They saw the scene of His pleading with His Father in the garden of Gethsemane, asking if there as some other way to save mankind. But, there was no other way.

Jesus had said to His Father, “Thy will be done.”

He had lowered Himself to be captured and tried. They had found no reason for condemnation but Pilate, to save his job, had Jesus crucified according to the will of the priests and rulers.

Jesus, beaten and bleeding, nailed to the cross and what man did not see...the universe saw. The universe saw the Father, standing by His son, sharing the pain and agony as only a father could for his only son.

The universe now sees the truth Jesus is not forced into this humiliation and death. He could have, at any time, said, “the cost is too high, the pain is too great, let man pay his own price.”

The Father was in agreement with the Son and gave Him up. What a scene of love and dedication for man's hope of eternal life. When the universe saw this they broke into a beautiful song of praise singing, “Thou art worthy to be judge.”

They saw how the terrible results of sin and the price paid for man's redemption. They want no more sin in the universe for now they see the falsehood of lucifer's accusation.

Jesus promised the disciples and us that He would come again and take His people to heaven for eternity.

I wonder what the members of the universe thought when they heard that earthlings who treated Jesus so inhumanly would be able to mingle with other Heavenly beings? Were they a little uncomfortable at the thought? Now that they have seen how much love was invested in the redemption of mankind they may see things a bit differently. Maybe now they are anxious to meet all those whom Jesus loved and who have chosen to love Jesus to be their neighbours and friends.

You are invited to three nights of prophecy. We will study at the Civic Centre on November 7, 8 & 9 at 7pm where we will look at what God's word has to say about today's world.


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