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Jesus Teaching His Apostles XXXII

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Jesus Teaching His Apostles


 The eleven apostles, with God's help, chose another to replace Judas so there were twelve again. The scripture says they were all with one accord. There was no power struggle, they were all glad to be working for Jesus to help people.

One day, as they walked along sick and oppressed people came and were healed. People brought their sick that couldn't walk out on mats and couches so that the shadow of Peter passed over them and they were healed.

This really angered the priests and rulers and they arrested the apostles and put them in prison so they could deal with them the next day.

That night an angel unlocked the prison. The apostles came out and next morning went into the temple and began to teach the people about their wonderful Jesus. (as the angel had instructed them to do)

when the rulers looked for them in the morning the prison was empty. By the time they found the apostles in the temple, they were ready to kill them. One of the rulers said, “Be careful.” He reminded them of one who tried to lead people away but failed. He said, “If this is of man it will come to nothing. If of God, you will find yourselves fighting against God.”

They listened to him. They beat the apostles, threatened them and let them go.

With twelve preaching and healing, the church grew rapidly and the enemies of the followers of Jesus were frustrated. They wanted to know how to stop the apostles.

The apostles were telling of Jesus' love, power to heal, His death, His resurrection and His ascension and promise to return. He would return to take them to Heaven. People loved the gospel.

The enemies of the church were angry and they started giving real trouble to stop the spread of the message of Jesus. They got Herod, the governor, to take action so he killed James, the brother of John. This pleased the Jews, then Herod put Peter in Jail with the idea of executing him the next day.

Many of the church met in a big house and prayed to Jesus to save Peter. An angel went to the prison where Peter was sleeping. He was chained to two guards just to be sure he couldn't escape. The angel woke Peter up and the chains fell off. The angel told him to put on his shoes and garment and then led him out through the gates manned by guards. Peter went to the house where his friends were praying and told them of his delivery.

Early in morning Peter left. Later that same morning, Herod sent for Peter but he was gone. Herod had the guards killed for allowing Peter to escape.

Shortly after, Herod went to another part of his jurisdiction and there he made a great speech to the people. The people said that it was the voice of a God and not man.

This pleased Herod but not God, whose followers he was killing. So worms attacked Herod and ate his bowels. He died in terrible pain.

Jesus showed him and the people who God was.

Now that real persecution had broken out, many people left the area of Judea and moved to other parts of the Roman empire. Every where they went they preached the story of Jesus. Now the very thing the enemies of the church tried to stop they actually caused to be spread far and wide.

History says Thomas, one of the apostles, went all the way to China and preached the news as he went. Jesus gave him the ability to speak in whatever language the people spoke.

God had given the apostles an order to preach to the world and He provided the means to do this. The good news of Jesus' love, sacrifice and promise of return is spreading to the whole world by person, news paper, radio, TV and internet. Jesus said when this was complete He would return

A sign of the nearness of His coming is difficulties in various areas of life. This is happening now. Floods, tornadoes and the latest, financial disaster. Jesus wants us to see the only place to have security and peace is to accept Him and His way. If He is the creator and provider of all things then why not ask Him to include you in His special family.

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