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Happy Reunion XXIX

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Happy Reunion
Jesus was not in the tomb. It was empty. The angel told the women He had risen. Yes, He had spoken to Mary but none of the disciples had seen Him and this created a lot of unbelief and confusion.
Sunday morning, two disciples, not of the 12, were walking home to a small village some miles from Jerusalem. As they walked they talked of what had taken place. (their disappointment, the crucifixion, death, burial and then of the talk of resurrection. So confusing, so sad.) As they walked and talked, another Man walking the same way joined them. He asked them what kind of talk have they that made them look so sad?
They asked Him, “Are you a stranger and don't know what has been going on in Jerusalem?” The Stranger asked, “What things?”
They explain to Him, “They say a Man, Jesus, did many things for the people. A prophet but the rulers condemned Him to death and had Him Crucified. We hoped it was He who would deliver Israel. He was buried,” they continued, “but this morning they found the tomb empty and His body gone. An angel said He had risen and some women claim they saw Him but His disciples went to see but found Him not.”
The Stranger, who was Jesus disguised said, “Oh fools and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have said Christ was to suffer all things.” Then He began at Moses and the prophet and open to them the scripture concerning Himself. Everything that had taken place from His birth to His resurrection had been prophesied in the old testament. But, because people did not study the word but listened to someone else's ideas they were not ready for what was to come. It was a mystery.
The second coming of Jesus and the events surrounding that have been prophesied in the whole bible and we need to study what they say so we will not be totally unprepared as these people were.
They were coming near home and they invited the Stranger in for the evening meal and to stay for the night as it was near the end of the day. They prepared supper and then sat down to eat. The stranger asked the blessing on the food. It was then that they recognized that it was Jesus and He vanished.
They were so excited about what had taken place that they started back to Jerusalem to tell the wonderful story. Though it was dark, they went on for they had good news for the disciples. Jesus is alive.
When they came to where the disciples were gathered, Jesus had already been seen by Peter. As they told of their experience, Jesus appeared in the midst of them and said, “Peace be unto you.”
They were terrified and afraid. They thought they were seeing a spirit. Jesus asked, “Why are you troubled? Why do thoughts arise in your hearts? See My hands and feet. Touch Me. It is Myself.” Then He showed them His hands and feet. They were happy but wondered.
Jesus asked, “Have you something to eat?” They gave Him some food and He ate. They were so glad it was the same Jesus, their Lord and Friend.
A short time later the disciples had gone fishing. They worked all night but caught nothing. In the morning as they were near shore, they saw Jesus standing on the shore. He asked if they had any fish. They replied “no.” He told them to cast the net on the right side of the boat. They obeyed and caught 153 large fish. They caught so many fish that they had to get help as their net was breaking.
The disciples probably wondered what they were going to do for a living without Jesus. Here Jesus showed them that He would supply all their needs if they would serve Him. That promise was not to them alone but to us as well if we too will be obedient and follow His commandments and example in life.
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