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A Glorious Morning XXVIII

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A Glorious Morning
When Jesus, on the cross, said, “It is finished.” then bowed His head and gave up His life, the veil tore and joy erupted in Heaven. Jesus had won the battle over sin and temptation. Satan tempted Jesus to give up and let man pay for his own sin. “Why go through all the suffering, shame and abandonment? Everybody has left You, no one cares about You!” Satan coaxed.
Jesus cares about you. That is why He stayed on the cross and that is why Heaven rejoiced. Jesus had proved His love and compassion for humanity and made it possible for man to have forgiveness of sin and have eternal life.
When Jesus was born angels came to the shepherds on the hills of Bethlehem to announce the wonderful news. Only one angel approached the shepherds. The others stayed up in the sky and sang that beautiful song, Glory to God.
As the Sabbath hours were coming to a close, there was excitement in Heaven. Who will go down at the specified hour and wake up their Jesus whom they had loved but more now that He had given His life for man.
On earth there was fear and many questions. Will He or will He not rise? If He does, then what?
In the darkest hour of the night a light appeared high in the sky, streaking to the earth. Fear gripped the brave roman soldiers as the light came down. It was an angel. The soldiers fell as dead men around the tomb.
The angel went to the tomb and rolled the stone away. The ropes that tied the rock back were as delicate as a spider's web and the roman seal meant nothing. Only one angel approached the tomb, the other angels were probably looking on but kept out of sight. The angel that rolled the stone away, looked into the tomb and said, “thy Father calleth thee.”
Jesus came out of the tomb, not wrapped in the burial linen but dressed in a robe of the purest white. As He stepped out of the tomb, there was another earthquake. One had marked His death, the other His resurrection.
It seemed the earth could not contain itself. When the Creator stepped as a conqueror over sin and death, it shook the earth: Jesus was alive! That gives all mankind the wonderful hope of our own resurrection.
The night wore away and as daylight came Mary, and the other women who were there when they put Jesus in the tomb, went with prepared spices and ointments to prepare Jesus' body. They went to the tomb as soon as it was light.
They saw the stone rolled away and looked in but did not see His body.
They ran and told His disciples then went back to the tomb. Peter and John came but did not see Jesus. Mary, at the tomb, saw someone standing. Thinking He was the gardener, asked Him, “If you have taken Him away, tell me so I can look after Him.”
He looked at her and said, “Mary.”
It was Jesus. He was alive. What joy!!
Mary went and told Jesus' disciples but they did not believe her because of their disappointment and grief.
While all this was going on the soldiers left the tomb and went and told the Jewish authorities all that had gone on. They did not want to hear this so they put the soldiers out while they discussed the matter.
They authorities agreed to have the soldiers say that, while they slept, the disciples came and stole the body away. Sleeping on duty was punishable by death so the Jews said they would fix things up with the roman authorities.
The soldiers, in turn, took a large sum of money from the Jews and went and lied about the wonderful thing that had happened.
No doubt, after falling down, the soldiers peeked a little and saw the beautiful sight of the angel rolling the stone away and calling Jesus. They probably saw Him coming out of the tomb, God Himself, and they still went and lied about this amazing scene.
How much is truth worth? In Revelation 22:12, Jesus says, “And behold, I am coming quickly, and my reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work.”
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