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Prophecy Fulfilled Part XXV

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Part XXV

Prophecy Fulfilled



Judas had walked out of the room where they were celebrating the Passover. He went directly to the high priests place and told them where and when they could capture Jesus. Judas knew Jesus and the disciples were going out into the garden (park).

When Jesus walked with His disciples He told them things of the future. He told them not to be troubled, that He was leaving to His Fathers house, Heaven, to prepare homes for them and then He would return to take them home. (John 14:1-3) He prayed for His disciples and all who would believe in Him down to our day. He prayed for Himself for courage to face His immediate future.

Suddenly they were met by a mob with Judas in the lead. The mob carried torches, swords and clubs. Judas told the mob that the One whom he kissed was the One to take and hold Him fast. Judas stressed the fact to hold Him fast so when Jesus would walk away He could say I told you to hold Him fast.

When the mob came close, Jesus asked, “who are you looking for?”

They replied, “Jesus of Nazareth.”

Jesus said, “I am He.” As He said that they all fell down. When they got up Judas came and kissed Jesus then they came and took Jesus and tied His hands and led Him away. Peter started to swing his sword, trying to defend Jesus. He struck the servant of the high priest and cut off his ear. Jesus freed Himself, touched the ear and healed it. Jesus turned to Peter and told him to put up the sword for this has to take place to fulfill prophecy.

In the old testament Jesus had told His prophets what was going to happen to Him. Every important event in the world has been foretold in prophecy from before Jesus' time to ours, and about the things happening around the world now. (strange weather patterns and vicious killings are telling something of God's great plan but are we listening? The captors of Jesus, when they fell down, He was telling them something but they were so absorbed in what they wanted to do they ignored the sign. Jesus had told His disciples just a few hours before of what was going to happen, but, they said they would never forsake Him because they did not believe that anything so bad could happen to their Beloved Master. When they saw Jesus being tied and led away by the soldiers and a mob, they all forsook Him and fled. What about Judas? What was he thinking? He had sold Jesus, the Son of God, to His death. Yes, Judas had the money but what was he going to do with it? He felt terrible. Too late!

Jesus was taken to the judgment room in the high priest's palace. The disciple, John, knew the high priest and went into the hall. Peter did not, he was in the court with the mob. Jesus had told the confident Peter that Peter would deny his Lord three times before the cock crowed. Peter assured Him that he would not.

Now by the fire that had been built, for it was cold in the very early morning, a maid said to Peter, “You were with Jesus.” But, Peter said, “No, I don't know Him.”

Three times Peter was asked by different people if he was not one of the group. The third time Peter said that he didn't know Him, the rooster crowed. At that time Jesus looked up at Peter and he remembered what Jesus had said to him.

Poor Peter, he went out and cried bitterly. As Jesus is slapped around and questioned, the door bursts open and Judas walks in and says, “Save Him Caiaphas! He is innocent. I have betrayed innocent blood.”

Caiaphas replied, “That is your problem.” Judas then threw the money down, ran out and hanged himself.

These poor fair weather disciples. These things were foretold and how many times Jesus is exchanged for money, pleasure and convenience today. All this is written in the book of Heaven and will one day be looked at to determine the reward. (Revelation 22:12)


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