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True Happiness Part XXIV

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True Happiness



Judas had the money and the priests had the promise from Judas for him to show them where and when Jesus was so He could be captured, but, something was coming up, the Passover. Not just a regular Passover but a special one called a High Day. These feast, religious services lasted eight days and the first and last day of each feast was called "Sabbath day." If one of these Sabbath days fell on the seventh day Sabbath (that had been set aside, sanctified and made Holy by God) it was called a high day and this was coming up.

It was Thursday, Jesus asked His disciples, Peter and John, to go and prepare for the feast. He told them where to go and what they would find. They went and found it exactly as Jesus had said they would.

The disciples, along with the rest of the people, thought that Jesus would set Himself up as king and get rid of the Romans. As this was a special day, a High Day, they hoped Jesus would announce Himself as King and appoint His cabinet. They were disputing among themselves who would get the top jobs in this new government.

With this occupying their thoughts, they forgot an important detail of the dinner and that Jesus had told of His death and burial just a few days before. Because the Passover was a reminder of their release from slavery, for these occasions a non Jewish servant was to be hired to wash the guests' feet.

Jesus knew what was ahead, that He would die, be resurrected and go back to Heaven. He wanted His disciples to tell the story of His life, His love for them and His promise to return and take His followers to Heaven with Him. He wanted one story. How could this be accomplished with 12 disciples all looking for power, wealth and greatness.

He did not want 12 churches all looking for the biggest and most popular following, so, somehow, He had to bring unity into the group. To show them how to get real power and unity He took a towel, put water in a basin and washed the feet of His disciples. These men must have felt so humiliated as Jesus' actions showed up their pride and selfishness. When Jesus had finished, He sat down and asked, "Do you know what I have done for you? If I, then your Lord and Master, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another's feet."

Jesus showed them that real power and greatness comes not by force but from kind, loving service and unity from working together under one Master (who became their Servant to teach them true greatness.) By this, He also avoided embarrassment to anyone.

When we look at the great things that have been accomplished in society it has always been done by someone looking to improve the state of others. It may have been in government, medicine, social reform or religion, but never by force. Jesus left the courts and glory of Heaven to lift mankind to a higher plane of life, happiness and hope for the future....He gave us the option for eternal life. Each one is given a choice to accept or reject what Jesus did. Judas also had his feet washed by the King of the universe, but selfishness allowed Satan to take full control of Judas. The scriptures says that Judas went out and it was night outside and inside. How dark is the soul when the true light is rejected?


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