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Hate and Greed Part XXIII

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Hate and Greed


Jesus was in the house of Simon whom He had healed of leprosy. Simon prepared a dinner party for Jesus and His disciples. Lazarus, who had been raised from the dead, was present as well.

The religious leaders of the Jews, the pharisees, priests and lawyers, had met and decided that Jesus had to be put to death. This last incident of Lazarus being raised really made them angry, afraid and jealous. Instead of being happy for Lazarus and his sisters they took this as a threat to their influence and power over the people (so many were following Jesus). They also wanted Lazarus killed to do away with any evidence of this wonderful miracle that Jesus had performed.

What a murderous crew! And, they called themselves “God's children”!?!

This plotting was going on behind the scene. The problem of how and where they would capture Jesus, without upsetting the public, for He had a large following.

These affairs, the dinner with Jesus, were very relaxed with the guests on couches with their head and hands at the table and feet stretched out into the room.

As the meal was in progress a woman walked in. This woman, Mary, was a sister to Lazarus whom Jesus had raised. She had been a prostitute but Jesus had helped to turn her life around. He had forgiven her of her sin and encouraged her to live a good life. She brought in a box of ointment (very costly and sweet smelling) to thank Jesus for what He had done for her. She opened the box and poured the contents over Jesus' feet then wiped His feet with her long hair. The sweet perfume, this costly ointment, filled the room.

Judas, one of the disciples, who was the treasurer for the group, said, “What a waste. Why was not this sold for 300 pence, a years earnings for a working man, and given to the poor?”

He had no real concern for the poor, but he was a thief and helped himself to the funds that were donated for the group. Jesus replied, “Leave her alone. She has done a good work on Me. She has anointed Me for My burial. You can help the poor always, but Me, you will not have always and the act of the woman will go down in history and be told wherever the gospel is preached.”

Judas took offence to this rebuke and went to see the priests and rulers whom he knew wanted Jesus dead. He asked them, “What will you give me if I deliver Him unto you?”

They bargained with him and finally settled for 30 pieces of silver. Both parties thought they had made a good deal. Judas thought he had got the best of the deal for he was sure Jesus would not allow Himself to be taken. This had been tried before and Jesus just waked away from His captors. Judas would bring the captors to Jesus who, as Judas expected, would just walk away from it all. Then, Judas would have the money and Jesus would still be a free man. What a clever deal, Judas thought.

When the leaders and Judas had made this horrible deal to send someone who had done no wrong, to His death. How could they possibly think that with all the miracles Jesus had done that He didn't already know what was transpiring?

Here we see how lust for power and money can negate all reason. Satan takes control and people do the unthinkable. How sadly different than the peace Jesus offers?


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