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Jesus Among People Part XX

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Part XX

Jesus Among People


When Jesus came out of the wilderness where He had spent forty days in communion with His Father in Heaven, He chose 12 followers as was the practice in His day. These He chose from the common people. Most were fishermen. One was a tax collector. These would follow and help and listen to His teachings so they could, in time also become leaders and teachers. Then, He set out on His real life work, which was to show the people (from His day to ours) what God was like, His real character.

People from creation to His day had been told and shown through various demonstrations what God was like. Now God had come in Jesus so they could see God for themselves. Jesus was and still is interested in our well being and He began to heal people of all kinds of ailments. He always touched them. This showed His love and compassion for them, and because He was God, He was able to restore people to full health.

He would heal people before He would teach as it is not easy to listen when we are sick or hurting. One day, when He had fed about 20,000 (five thousand, plus women and children) with a little boys lunch, the disciples, plus many others wanted to take Him by force and make Him king. He made the disciples leave by boat while He dispersed the crowd. What a king He would have made! He had healed all the sick among the people then fed them.

With such a leader, life could be rather easy, but selfishness was their problem. This is not what Jesus had come for. The disciples at sea ran into a bad storm and at 3 am, now about eight hours at sea, they were being blown about by a bad storm. The disciples, disappointed and tired were at the point of giving up when on the rolling waves a figure walked.

They were afraid and feared it was a bad omen and they cried out. The figure was Jesus, walking on the storm. When they knew it was Jesus, they asked Him into the boat and the wind ceased. The disciples wanted something not in accordance to God's plan. So, Jesus allowed a storm into their life while He watched over them, unseen.

At the hour of their deepest need He was there and calmed the storm. There are storms of all kinds out there, blowing within your life and out. The prophecies are telling us things are going to get worse. For example, the 800 lost in a ferry disaster in the Philippines, floods in the US, drought in Australia, the talk of food shortages, sickness, stress, financial problems. A good time to invite Jesus into the ship of life. He can calm the storms, bring hope and assurance for He said, “Lo I am with you always” in the book of Malachi. God said prove me now.



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