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The Boy Grew Part XIX

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Part XIX

The Boy Grew


Herod, the king, must have smiled to himself for now he had killed the boy, so he thought. Now there were no more challengers to his position. But, God always has the last word!

In a few short years, it could have been three, four or five, we don't know, Herod died and the angel came to see Joseph in Egypt. He told Joseph to return. And they did. They went to Nazareth where Joseph, as a carpenter, provided for his family. Jesus learned the trade.

When Jesus was 12 the family went, as God had instructed of them, to Jerusalem for one of their yearly feasts. Joseph and Mary returned with friends and relatives. They thought that Jesus was in tow but He had stayed behind. He met with the doctors of the law and the priests. He asked them of the prophecies and answered their questions. These leaders could not understand where He got His knowledge for He had never attended school. Mary and Joseph had diligently taught Him to read and to study the prophecy.

Did these stubborn, selfish officials ever think of the time prophecy of Daniel, the story of the shepherds, the wise men, and realize that this was the Boy, God's Son whom they thought dead? Here we see some thing of the character of God. He gave these Jewish leaders several opportunities to know who the Boy was, learn more of Him and accept Him as the Messiah, sent of God to save His people from their sin.

After three days, His parents found Him in the temple and took Him home. Years of silence then one day a lone figure, John the Baptist, came to the river Jordan and began preaching. His message was to have people change their lives of sin and selfishness, be baptized and start a new life following God's way.

The time prophecy of Daniel was fulfilled and people flocked to the river to hear the new preacher and be baptized. The leaders asked John if he was the Messiah. He said “no” but there is One coming that is greater than I.

One day a man of 30 walked through the crowd and asked John to baptize Him. It was the Man, Jesus. John baptized Him and as He came up out of the water a dove descended. The Holy Spirit sat on His head and a voice from Heaven said, “This is my Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”

This was the anointing of Jesus for a very special work and as He walked away John said, pointing to Jesus, “Behold, the Lamb of God.” The lamb was the most used sacrificial animal and in John calling Jesus the Lamb of God referred to Him as God's sacrifice for the sins of the world.

Jesus went alone to a secluded spot to contemplate the work He had chosen and to commune with His Father in Heaven.

Here in this situation, Satan tried to take advantage with temptation. Jesus had fasted (not eaten) for forty days and was hungry. Now Satan appeared to Him as an angel from God and said, “if you are this Son of God command this stone to become a loaf of bread.”

Jesus knew the scripture and He said, “It is written, 'man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from God.'” He answered all of satan's temptations by “It is written...”

What a lesson for us. Jesus did not say to do what is pleasing or how does it feel or what did you see on TV or the Internet when making a decision, but, what does the word of God say in our troubled world? We need good counsel to meet the temptations and problems of life?


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