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More Trouble Part XVIII

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More Trouble


The Shepherd's story of the angels and the Baby in a manger in Bethlehem faded away except by a few. Some time later, we don't know how long, it could have been a year, when early one morning a camel caravan came into Jerusalem. The travelers (now called the wise men) expected to find a lot of excitement in the city but saw none. They asked around, “Where is He that is born King of the Jews? We have seen His star in the east and have come to worship Him.”

When Herod heard the wise men he was very troubled for he had shed blood to get to be king, now there was the threat of another King?!

The Jewish leaders were also troubled for this is not how they had written the script. When Herod demanded of the Jewish leaders where the child was to be born, they quickly found it in the prophecy: Bethlehem.

What really bothered the leaders was that God had passed them by and revealed the birth to what they called Gentiles. Why had God done this? Because, the news had to be proclaimed and the Gentiles were prepared to listen to the leadings of God where the Jews were not.

Herod, in his anger, put on a good face and asked the wise men to go and find the Babe then come and tell him how to find Him for he too wanted to worship Him. After they left Herod they found and worshiped the Child, bringing Him rich gifts, they were warned by an angel in a dream not to go back to Jerusalem but were instructed to go another way.

The angel told Joseph to take the Child and His mother and flee into Egypt. God had provided for His Son. The gifts from the wise men were needed to make the trip to Egypt.

Herod, when he saw that he had been left out sent and had all the baby boys, two years and under, living in Bethlehem and the surrounding areas, killed because Herod wanted to be sure he had removed the new king. The spiritual leaders of the Jews did not go to Bethlehem to investigate the story. How could the king and the Jewish leaders think they could kill and ignore something they had found in the prophecies, told them by the shepherds and later heard the message by those whom they looked upon as Gentiles? This message by the wise men they must surely have recognized as a message from God. How could they justify their disbelief? How could Herod think that this child from God could possibly be put to death as any other?

Here we see how deep selfishness can go and to what lengths some will go to get what they want. The things we see on the news today and the weather report calling for snow on higher elevations, the floods in some parts of the country, Wisconsin under 10 inches of rain, the problems the maffia is causing in Italy and Eastern Europe. All these things are part of Daniel's prophecy. “There shall be a time of trouble such as never was.” Should we ignore these as did the Jews and Herod? God had a plan to keep His Son in Egypt. He has a plan for His children today. These are found in the Book, the Bible, take time to read up on its message for today.


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