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God's Wonderful Plan Part XVII

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God's Wonderful Plan


Some time after creation and the entrance of sin into the world, people began to lose their knowledge of the creator God and began to form images of God in their minds. They began to worship some of the heavenly bodies: sun, moon, stars. They also made images of men, women, beasts, birds and reptiles. They would make offerings to appease them or when looking of favours.

God knew this would happen (foreknowledge). In a conference of the Godhead, a plan was laid that one of the Godhead would go to earth as a man and come and live among people so that they could get a first hand look at God and his real character. It was Jesus who volunteered to become the One.

Throughout the old testament history, different prophets told of Him. He would come as a baby, born of a virgin. He would be a very “ordinary” person to look at, not particularly handsome but he would live a very good and extraordinary life.

He would be born in a small town, Bethlehem, just outside Jerusalem. For centuries, people looked for the Redeemer as He would be known. It was to the prophet Daniel that the time was given for His coming. The angel told him it would be 70 weeks, 490 years form the time given to Judea to become independent within the Persian Empire.

Years after Daniel's day this independence was granted to Ezra. He was to set up laws and a judicial system for the country, the date was 457 B.C. In the “time prophecy”, the name Messiah was given to the coming One and He would help people to change their lives to live in accordance with God's will and commandments.

When the time for the fulfillment of the prophecy drew on, the Jewish leaders looked at what kind of Messiah they wanted. They interpreted the prophecy to mean that He would deliver them from the Romans and make them an important, independent nation. They were not looking for a God-like character, (honest, loving, caring) like God wanted, but one out for power, wealth, pleasure and ease. They also predicted the Messiah would be born in Jerusalem to a wealthy, priestly family so that the Messiah could have the best of what the world had to offer such as an education provided by the scribes and leaders of the people. They wanted a Messiah that was suited to their wants and their wishes.

When the predicted time came an angel came to a virgin, Mary, and told her she would have a child without an earthly father. The Holy Ghost, God, would be the father and so after her pregnancy, she was married to a man, Joseph.

They had to travel to Bethlehem for a Roman registration. It was there that the child came. He was born in a stable as the inns were full. Angels came to Godly shepherds on the hills and told them of the wonderful birth. They went to see and found things as the angels said. But, when the shepherds word came to the priests and rulers in Jerusalem, they did not believe them because the information did not meet their wants.

Today, as then, God's Word still stands no matter how prophecy is looked at or what popular opinion might be. God's word, the Bible, is the true and reliable source of God and His will.



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