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Power Changes Part XVI

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Part XVI

Power Changes


The prophet, Daniel, saw in a vision four great beasts which represented 4 kingdoms, two of which we have already seen (Babylon and Persia). Some time after the story of Esther, the Persians went to Greece and engaged them in a naval battle at Salamis. They were soundly beaten by what they thought was a much inferior navy. Shortly after the Greeks, under a young general “Alexander the Great” set out on the conquest of the Persian Empire. He accomplished the incredible feat in only seven years. Everything had to be covered by men on foot. At the age of 34 he stood on top of the world and in a great party, he drank too much and died. As he was dying, he was asked, “Who do you leave the kingdom to?” He replied, “The strongest.” Each of his top four generals thought that he was the one Alexander meant so they fought each other and carved the kingdom up into four parts. The two main parts were the South (Egypt) and the North (Iraq and area). There was war between the North and South, Palestine lay in between. After some years the king of the North did not like the Jewish religion nor their way of worshiping so he threatened to kill them all unless they became Pagans. They did not trust God as Mordecai had and appealed to Rome who was rising in the west. Rome had agreed to help but they came and took possession of Palestine and then the North. God had a plan and a timetable for His plan. He moved the nations around to fit His plan for a very special event.

In God's timetable there is another special event on the agenda and He wants everyone around the globe to know about it. To make this possible there has to be freedom in the land, freedom of speech and worship. About 20 years ago, God moved the big, oppressive, threatening Soviet Union over to give freedom to the millions of people in that land. Just as the prophet, Daniel, had predicted 25 hundred years before. When I watch the news and see what is happening I have to ask, “is God working in China?” I believe so. The prophet Daniel, speaking of the time of the end said, “ there shall be a time of trouble.” Jesus said there shall be famines and pestilence. When we see the destructions of houses and land for food production as in China and old Burma, the drought in Australia and tornadoes in the US. Could all these have an impact on our plentiful food supply? God is trying to get our attention to study His word and live by it.


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