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God Enters the Fray Part XV

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Part XV

God Enters the Fray



Haman, the Jew's enemy, had the gallows built and early in the morning he went to the king for permission to hang Mordecai.

The king could not sleep the night before so he had a servant bring the records of what had gone on and read them to him. In the records he found that Mordecai had reported the servants who planned to harm the king. The king asked, “What rewards were given for this deed?” The records said there were none.

Haman entered and the king said to him, “What shall be done for the one the king wants to honour?” Haman thought, “that's me!” and said, “Deck him out in the kings robe, put a crown on him and set him on the king's best horse and have an important man parade him throughout the city.” The king said, “Do as you have said to Mordecai.”

Haman went back to his house and told his wife and friends the terrible news. They said, “If Mordecai is of the seed of the Jews you can't prevail.” They knew these people were different and that God was on their side.

A servant summoned him to the party. When they arrived the king asked Esther what her wish was. She said, “I want to plead for my life and for the lives of my people for we have been sold to be destroyed.”

The king asked, “Who would dare to do this?” She pointed and said, “This wicked Haman.” and further told the king of Haman's plot. The king probably remembered giving permission and realized now that the queen was in danger. A guard entered and showed the king the gallows Haman had built. The king says to the guard, “Hang Haman on it.” The king took the ring he gave to Haman from Haman and hung him.

A few days later, Esther and Mordecai went to the king and asked about the command that was out to kill the Jews. The king gave his ring to Mordecai and said, “Do what you need to do.” The scribes were called and a new letter went out again, sealed with the king's ring.

The letters went to all Jewish leaders and officials of the Persian empire. The letter told the Jews to band together and defend themselves against any that would try to do them harm. The officers were told to help the Jews. When this was done, the scriptures say Mordecai went out from the king dressed in royal apparel and a great crown of gold. The city Sushan rejoiced when Haman had gone out from the king. It says the city was perplexed.

Character was very evident, when the letters went out, people began to take notice of their God fearing neighbours, the Jews and their leader, Mordecai. A change took place and the Bible records in Esther 8:17, that many of the people of the land became Jews. Not blood Jews but faith Jews. They accepted the God of Heaven as the living God and worshiped Him as did their Jewish friends and neighbours.

What a picture we get here of God, His foreknowledge, His timing, His plan for His people and His great name. So, the Jews, instead of being exterminated, became the winners. Mordecai, instead of being hung, became next to the king.

It all started with one man, Mordecai standing tall for God instead of bowing to the commands of man. God has not changed. He still protects and rewards those who are faithful to Him and keep his commandments.


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