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The Last Night of Babylon Part XIII

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The Last Night of Babylon


When God allowed Babylon to take Jerusalem and take captives to Babylon, God did not have in mind to permanently get rid of the Jews. He was not angry to the point of giving up on His people. To hand them over to a cruel pagan taskmaster was to be a lesson for the Jews so they could see the difference between serving the living God and the gods of the earth. Before God gave them over to Babylon, He had a time and man in place to restore them yet again to their homeland.

The captivity was to last only 70 years and Cyrus (named before he was born) was to restore them. The Persians, under Cyrus, had captured all but the city Babylon. The city had a double wall around it with a space between and provisions to flood the space between. The walls were wide enough so two chariots could pass on the wall. The river ran through the city and a wall was built along each side of the river with a few gates on each side with stairs going into the river where cargo could be loaded or unloaded when ships came in.

The city was constructed so that it was almost impossible for an enemy to break into it especially with all the Babylonian soldiers inside. Many years before, the prophet Isaiah said “...the gates will not be shut.” (Isaiah 45:1)

A big celebration was coming up in Babylon and Cyrus, no doubt prompted by the Holy Spirit, planned to take the city the night of the party. Miles up river he dug a ditch to drain the river into a low spot miles from the city and also to partially dam the river. As darkness began to fall that night, soldiers marched toward the city and workmen opened the ditch and closed the dam to lower the water. As the water decreased in the river, the soldiers, with Cyrus at the head, went into the river and under the wall.

Meanwhile, in the great party, the hand was writing on the wall. Daniel was reading the writing as it was not written in the language of Babylon. It said of Belshazzar “you are weighed in the balances and found wanting”

The king had all the knowledge of God. He needed to follow Him but, instead, he ignored God and did what he wanted. Now God had passed judgment. The writing also said the kingdom was finished and given to the Medes and Persians.

At the height of the party, Cyrus with his troops, came to the gate that led into the city and as the prophet had said years before, the gate was open. The keepers were drunk and had not closed the gate. Cyrus marched into the city and crashed the party. Belshazzar grabbed a sword but the half drunk king was no match for the Persians. The Bible record says the king was killed and the kingdom lost.

Cyrus was a type of Christ. He crashed into the wicked city where the people felt perfectly safe, took it and sent God's people back to their homeland.

The signs of earth, like the typhoon in old Burma and others tell us of the nearness of Jesus' coming. He will crash the party of earth as He descends from Heaven, raises the righteous dead and alive and together with His people, will take them to Heaven. What a day that will be!!!

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