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The Handwriting on the Wall Part XII

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Part XII

The Handwriting on the Wall


The Jews again went after worshiping idols and turned away from the right way. They turned away from the justice that had been given for a good and prosperous way of life. So God allowed the Babylonians to invade and conquer them. This was the time that Daniel was taken. At the time when Daniel and his three faithful friends graduated from the school for them in Babylon, the king had a dream. He saw an image with a head of gold. Daniel introduced the king to the God of Heaven and told him the meaning of the dream. The king was convinced of the God of Heaven, but this was short lived. Thirteen years later, he had a whole golden image built like the one he had seen in the dream. Everybody in government in the whole realm of Babylon was ordered to be at the dedication.

Daniel was away, probably on state business, but his three friends were there. This was a forced dedication. Everyone was to fall down at the sound of music and worship the image or be burned in a furnace.

When it came time, all fell down and worshiped, except the three Jews. This was reported to the king and he had them come before him. There, he got very angry and he asked, “ who is this God that can deliver you out of my hands?” He was the world's biggest boy and he was about to show it. The three said they would not bow down to an image and their destiny was in God's hands.

They were thrown into the fiery furnace but God chose to deliver His faithful servants and they were not hurt. All the dignitaries of Babylon saw this and got a view of the Power of God in delivering His servants. The king again was convinced. And, again, a number of years later in a boastful expression of his mighty power, he lost his mind. For seven years he was as an ox eating grass and crawling around on his hands and knees. The kings sanity returned and he praised God and ruled for a few more years before he died.

Some years later his grandson, Belshazzar, became king and the Medes and Persians invaded the country of Babylon. This time, only the city of Babylon was left. It was very well fortified and they had stored up enough food to last through a 15 year siege.

Belshazzar threw a party, a rather big affair, and at the party he ordered that the sacred vessels his grandfather had brought from the temple in Jerusalem be brought out. They drank wine from them and praised their gods of gold, silver, wood and stone to show their power over the God of the Jews.

Can you imagine the entertainers on stage, when they saw the scared look on people's faces, and turned around to see the wall behind them a bloodless hand writhing on the wall. A very scared king called Daniel.

He said to the king, “you knew all that God showed your grandfather, and yet you have ignored all this. You have taken the holy vessels to use for your party and praised your gods. Now God is sending you a message.”

A hymn writer wrote this verse.

All of our deeds are recorded. There's a hand that's writing now. Sinner, give your heart to Jesus, to His royal mandate bow, for the day is approaching. It must come to one and all when the sinner's condemnation will be written on the wall.”


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