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A New Beginning Part X

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Part X

A New Beginning


When the Israelites came into the promised land of Canaan, they were to drive out the tribes that inhabited the country. This whole land is where Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, with their big herds and many servants, had lived. Here is where they had built altars to the true God. The people of the land were given many opportunities to see how the living God of Heaven dealt with His people in contrast to the idols they worshiped.

Now God was giving this land to His people to become an example to the world. What a good life people could have if they obeyed and served the creator God of Heaven! Now Joshua was instructed to divide the whole land into 12 sections for the 12 tribes. It was to be carefully done so each tribe would have the different kinds of land that they needed for pasture, farmland and woodland. It was then divided again into heads of families and then again and again until every family had a piece of ground where they could live and raise their families. It was God's plan to provide for everyone fairly, not some rich and others in poverty.

The land was never to be permanently sold, but, if the land owner, through sickness, management or other problems, had to sell to pay debts, the land had to go back to the original owner or his heir every 50 years. From a starting date, every 50th year was a year of jubilee when everything went back to that date. Land was priced according to the number of years to Jubilee. Slaves and servants were also given their freedom at that time. Also, when a servant had served his master for a long time he was to be given animals and money to start a home of his own. What a wonderful plan God had. He wanted His people to be free! Not continually under the bondage of slavery or servitude.

In this wonderful country in which we live and enjoy our freedom, there is still a lot of slavery and bondage. For example, intoxicants, gambling and debts that are easy to accumulate especially with the credit system so easy to access. The love of money can become a real task master that can lead to unfair practices and thefts. Anything we become servants or slaves to create stresses and impairs our health. God wants us to be free and healthy.

Jesus said, in John 8:32, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” You may ask, “the truth about what?” .....The truth about God, His love, His care, His forgiveness, the future He has planned for His people, Jesus' second coming, Heaven, eternal life, peace and perfect health. The choice is personal. He has provided the best for those who love and obey Him.

The time of Jesus' return is nearing. Prophecies that point to His return are being fulfilled. Strong weather patterns were foretold. This too is happening, but, God's door of mercy and His jubilee is still open. How long? Only God knows. These are serious times we are living in.


Next week: People's failure, God's mercy