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Journey's End Part IX

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Part IX

Journey's End



The Israelites had wandered around in the wilderness for 40 years. They had seen and experienced God's care for them. The nations around watching were being exposed to the care and power of the God of Heaven, the God of the Israelites. Now they had come to the river Jordan with the promised land just on the other side. There had been a change. Moses, who had led them out of Egypt had died at the age of 120 so Joshua, his assistant, had been chosen by God to lead them into their new home.

It was flood time. The Jordan became a big river during this season. God told Joshua to move the people right up to the river for in three days they would see wondrous things. God told them to put sin out of their lives and to trust Him.

They were told that on the third day they were to get ready for when they saw the priests, who were carrying the Ark, step into the water, they were to follow, but not too close. It was not to be a stampede dash across the river. The water was rushing along but when the trumpet sounded and the priests' feet touched the water, the water stopped. A wall of water began to build a short distance up stream from where they were. When the priests, with the Ark, were in the middle of the river with the wall of water behind them, the people began to cross with all of their belongings. This was a real lesson for them (and us today). As the people crossed they saw the potential danger of the water but they were to keep their eyes and faith fixed on the priests (who represented Christ) and the Ark with the law of God. When all were safely across, the priests came out of the river and the water started to flow again. Now they were in the land of promise and plenty (the manna stopped).

The prophet, Daniel, said in Daniel 12:1 “At that time...” (this refers to the time of the end) “...there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was...” What kind of trouble?....All kinds (weather, snow, ice winds, financial, unstable stock markets, people losing money & houses, violence...) As I am writing, the chopper is flying above, looking for a violent man. There will be child abuse, pornography and food prices going up along with fuel and heating prices. The wall of trouble is building. The prophet John, in Revelation, said the dragon, Satan, was angry because he had only a short time left. Satan and all who follow him to rebel against God's law and character will be destroyed in the final destruction of the world at the end.

Jesus wants to save all whom He can. Satan is trying to keep the whole world in confusion and fear. Jesus wants to help us through the troubles now as more come, but He can only do that for those who are believing, trusting and obedient. We need to get out our Bibles, God's word, and find what a loving, caring and powerful God He is and we will have peace in our hearts even in troublesome times.


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