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The Meek and the Stubborn Part V

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Part V

The Meek and the Stubborn



Joseph and his generation died. The Bible record says that Jacobs family, the Israelites multiplied exceedingly and grew mighty. Another king came that didn't know Joseph and he and his people became afraid of the Israelites and decided to stop their growth by taking their rights away and making them slaves, hoping that hard labour would slow down their birth rate. It didn't make a difference, so a law was put into place. The law stated that all the boy babies were to be killed by drowning them in the river. That was man's plan, not God's. God had other plans. A couple had a little boy, too precious to be drowned. His mother hid him for three months from the spying eyes of the Egyptians. When he got too big, she made him a waterproof basket, and with a mother's prayer, put her little boy inside it and set the basket into the river among the reeds. She had her daughter watch and follow the baby. The basket was placed near the shore where she knew the princess (along with her maids) came to bathe. The princess came, found the basket and opened it. The baby was crying. The princess loved the child and wanted it. The sister was called over and asked to find a temporary mother for the child. The mother was called and the princess paid her to raise her own child, now, the princess's little boy. How carefully and prayerfully she taught her bright little boy about God, His laws, Heaven and eternal life.

Twelve years had passed when he was taken to the palace. His new life and education began. He was in line for the throne but would have to be the head of the Egyptian religious system.

Moses, as he was called, refused to be part of the sins of palace life as well as the religion of Egypt for he knew God had something better for him.

He was trained as a military leader and at the age of 40 he killed an Egyptian who was beating one of his own people. When the king heard of it he wanted to kill Moses. Moses fled to Midian and got a job as a shepherd.

One day, when he was 80 years old, he saw a bush on fire but it didn't burn up. He went to see and God spoke to him out of the bush. God told him He wanted him to go back to Egypt and lead his people out of slavery into their own homeland. Moses really didn't want to go, but God prevailed. Moses went back to Egypt.

Moses had forgotten much of the Egyptian language so God said He would give him Aaron, Moses's brother, as a helper. On the way back, God told Aaron to meet Moses. So Aaron went to meet his brother. The two talked to the leaders of Israel of Gods plan and how thankful they were that their life of slavery would end. When they told Pharaoh about God's plan he said, “I don't know God and I will not let my slaves go. Now, God had to show Pharaoh who He was and He used the things of nature to prove this. The first lesson: God, through Moses, turned the water into blood.

God is still using the things of nature as a teaching tool now. In Job 38:22-23, He said to Job that He was going to use the snow and hail as an end time trouble. The weather in eastern Canada and US, along with other problems is to teach us of God's plan and that we need to listen to what He has for the last days.

Pharaoh was a very stubborn man but God is very persistent for our good. When the plagues were coming one after another Pharaoh's advisers said to him, “This is the finger of God! Let the people go!!” But Pharaoh would not listen. It wasn't until all the firstborn in the land of Egypt died, including his own, that Pharaoh urged them out of the land.

God led them out of Egypt into a difficult situation. There was no way of crossing over the sea. Meanwhile, after a few days in Egypt, alone, Pharaoh realized the slaves were gone. He had changed his mind and wanted them back. He took his army, with chariots, to force them back. When Pharaoh had caught up with them, the Israelites had the sea in front of them and high cliffs on each side. They were trapped and the people were afraid.

Then the cloud of fire that lead them this far moved behind them to protect them. God told Moses to stretch his rod over the water. Moses did as he was told and the water parted. This great mass of people, cattle and belongings started through the sea. Stubborn Pharaoh followed them, behind the cloud, into the sea. What arrogance! After all he had seen did he really think that he could fight God and bring the people back? Sometimes unbelief thinks only of itself and power. Pharaoh, with his eyes wide open, walked into the death trap. When the people had gone through, Moses stretched his rod out and the sea came together. All the Egyptians were drown. What a price to pay for stubbornness and unbelief.

In Exodus 12:41 it says, “ the end of 430 years – on that very same day – it came to pass that all the armies of the Lord went out from the land of Egypt.” (This is the time of which God had told Abraham) How exact is God's timing and planning?! This proves that God can be trusted and His word is sure. God has another important plan and date set......for the Second Coming of Jesus. The date He has not given us.....the event He has. He wants us to know there is an end to such things as violence, murder, child exploitation, suicide bombings, disease and illness, all of the evil in this world. He will provide deliverance from our slavery to sin. God will take His people to Heaven where there is perfect harmony, health and happiness. All of this is for the meek, as Moses was not for the stubborn and unbelieving.




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