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“God what have You done?”

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When the children of Israel were made slaves they never forgot that God had promised their forefathers that one day they would leave the land of their slavery. When Moses came along they hoped that he would be the one to lead them out but he fled to Madeira for the king wanted to kill him due to a wrong he had committed.

Forty years later the Lord send him back to lead the people out. Moses went to Pharaoh and told him that God wanted the slaves to leave and asked him to let them go. Pharaoh said, “I do not know this God and I will not let the people go.” Then, to make matters worse he increased their work load and had them beaten if they did not fulfill their duties.

Now the people were in a real state. Moses said, “God what have You done?” God told Moses and Aaron to stretch Moses' rod over the river. They obeyed and the water turned to blood. Now, all work stopped. The slaves went home.

Now they saw that God meant business so they began to get ready to move. Wagons had to be made, oxen trained to pull the load and other decisions had to be made. What do we take and what do we leave behind? This not only had to do with material things but what about the habits they had picked up while working in Egypt?

The last act was to kill and eat a lamb which represented the Passover from slavery to freedom. For each one of us the Passover lamb was killed on the cross. Jesus came to help us to pass from sin to freedom from sin.

As the Israelites were on their way to the promised land so we today are to the beautiful promised land, Heaven. Are there some things we need to leave behind in Egypt.