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There is not much time left.

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In the book of Revelation it says, “Satan's was wrath with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed.” (those who keep the commandments of God and have faith in Jesus). The woman in prophecy is the church and the remnant is the last of the church that satan is at war with. In another place it says, “Because he knows he has only a short time left.”

He knows the word and he sees that when Jesus comes his number is up. Satan knows there is not much time left and so he is doing all the hurting he can to people. He does this because he knows that if he hurts one of God's children it hurts Jesus.

In the Adventist church we have and organization called A.D.R.A. ADRA was set up to help people and it operates around the world supported by voluntary donations. In the area of Thailand, where the evils of the sex trade is going on, ADRA has a school. Every year ADRA puts out a catalogue with a number of things you can help with. One year they advertises girls for sale. These girls are in danger of being taken by the greedy sex trade. In that war against the sex trade, here is a small place where we can fight back to save some of them. What is the cost? Just a few bucks here and there saved by watching what we spend.

What is it that Jesus said? He gave His life for these children. So, when we think that the few dollars saved here and there can rescue a young girl from a terrible fate as that, the new gadget you just have to have doesn't seem so important anymore, does it?

Once sponsored, the girl is given a home in a dormitory where she not only goes to school but is taught to look after herself. She is taught how to cook and grow her own food. She is also taught of Jesus and His love for her. When she is grown up and has an education she can go out and get a job and help someone else as she was helped.

It is not the end of the day that satan dreads but those who have learned to love Jesus. His coming will be the beginning of eternal life. What a blessed hope.