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The whole country has been caught.

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As I am writing this the TV news has been talking about the hockey game tomorrow. Game seven of the Stanley Cup. The excitement is running high. Who will win? People are paying good money to see the game, live.

While people are wondering who will win the coveted cup, many people around the world are wondering if they will get to eat tomorrow. Some wonder if they will be able to pay their month end bills. Others wonder if they will finally find a job. Some have first been told they have cancer. Some people living in the tornado belt are wondering if they will ever be able to put their lives back together.

What about the problems in the Middle East? Could that create problems here such as affecting our fuel prices? The whole country has been caught in an abnormally cold season then today Eastern Canada is having a real heat wave. No matter where we look, nothing is sure. Some may feel that way about the Word of God. What has been changed and what is for us today? When God gave His word to the Bible writers He did not say “this is for those people and that is for others.” His word is for all people.

Jesus' life, death and resurrection and His commands to His apostles was for everyone. He said, “Go into all the world and teach all nations.” The problems come when man adds or takes away just as the fellow who announced a date for the rapture when the word “rapture” is not mentioned in the word of God. It is man's addition and this we need to be careful of.

Is it man's word or God's? Jesus said that He will not come silently but as the lightening shines from the east to the west. Lightening never comes without thunder.

Jesus' coming will be anything but secret. His word is sure but we need to study His word and make sure it's His word and not man's.