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To those who help others.

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What a beautiful day! It wasn't so nice for everyone, fires, floods, war, earthquakes. Let us think about our situation. We have good weather conditions. We have a home to live in. Those of us who are older get our pensions. We have lots of food in the store to buy. We have good health care. We have freedom with a good government. We have a lot to be thankful for.

What about the people who have lost their all in a fire or flood? Maybe God wants us to help those who are in real trouble. In the old testament, in the book of Malachi, the Lord said to His people to bring in all the tithes. “Ten percent of their earnings in My store house and prove Me.” Says the Lord. “If I will not open the windows of Heaven and pour you out a blessing that you shall not be able to receive it.” What He is saying is “I'll give you more than you need.”

Jesus promised a real blessing to those who help others. The Adventist church is a missionary church and we do all kinds of things to help others to know Jesus. We have several organizations in the church to help others.

One of these is called Maranatha. This organization builds small churches and schools all over the world where there is a need.

Within the church a big business man faithful to the Lord, being blessed by God, donated the building materials wherever there was a need. Then others took his lead and donated their time and labour and erected the buildings.

A place in Africa already had a school but it was getting too small for all the students who wanted to attend. The church leaders got together and went to build a number of smaller buildings on the same property for more close space. The business man donated the material and a group from the church put up the building they donated.

You see how God opened the window of Heaven and see how many people were blessed? God is a good business manager who loves people unconditionally, you and I.