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When will this event take place?

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What a weekend we had when we turned the corner into May. We had a royal wedding. What a lot of publicity, practice and Money for this occasion.

In the book of Revelation a wedding is talked about that will soon take place when Jesus comes to take His bride, the church, to Heaven, the home He has prepared for her. That will be the biggest event in the universe when Jesus comes and all the angels with Him. Then His bride, made up of all those who have lived and been faithful to Him; those who are living and are faithful to Him, love Him and kept His commandments. All who live now are invited. The sleeping ones are raised and the living are changed from mortal to immortal. All these together will rise to meet their Lord in the sky. Then, all will go to Heaven to their new home.

When will this event take place? We are not given a date but we are told of events that will happen shortly before the second coming. Daniel said that knowledge would be increased and look where we are in communication and also in the care of health when human organs are transplanted.

What else has happened? Bin Ladin was killed, a man who used all his time and talents to destroy people he did not like. What a sad life. That is the price of following the wrong leader. Satan is the only one seeking the destruction of people. Let's look at the opposite...Jesus. Jesus is working to save people from this kind of sad life. To steer us into a happy life, serving Him and helping others in all kinds of ways. This brings happiness here and the hope of life eternal with all God faithful children.

We must make the choice that we will follow.