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The Lord, Himself, shall descend from Heaven

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Last week we talked about our passport. What is the one main thing outlined there? Jesus said to Peter, “desire Me more than these.” Who or what are there? It could be people but also the things of this world.

Paul said the Lord, Himself, shall descend from Heaven with a shout and the dead in Christ shall rise first. Then comes the meeting of the Lord in the air. All are part of the deal. I then think of the home in Heaven that my wife and I will enjoy together. One more day the prophet said from one Sabbath to another. All flesh shall come to worship before me saith the Lord.

Here I made reservations for that great Sabbath worship when the greatest of all speakers will take the pulpit. The angel choir will begin to sing and we will be invited to join in.

Mike called at 2:00 am. I answered, telling him all was well except for the severe pain. His wife called in the morning and we had weathered the night.

We headed back to the clinic then off to get an M.R.I. to hopefully get to the bottom of whatever was going on.

Once there they said it would take a couple of days to get the results, but, the middle of that afternoon the clinic phoned about the medication. My son had gotten in touch with the clinic and good news came. “Sir, you have a kidney infection.” They phoned the prescription to our nearest drug store and a friend picked it up and delivered it to me at about 6:00 that night.

Seven little pills. One per day. I took one and had supper. My son called around 10:00 and nothing more was said about the high blood sugar count.

When I went to bed I talked to my Lord as I always do but this time with a large emphasis on thanksgiving. I went to sleep without pain and am doing fine (four days later).

Was this a special wonder pill? Or, is there something more I need to realize? The Man that walked the roads of Palestine touching and healing all kinds of problems. I believe He hasn't lost His touch and continues with what we cant do. He touched me and I want to recommend Him to you all.

World conditions tell me we better make sure that our passport is up to date for the time is at hand.