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“What medication are you on?”

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The sun is shining today but the weather is almost 10 degrees below normal. The weather is cold but the other day I saw on TV these white suited men in Japan picking up the dead, decaying bodies in the debris. We need to be thankful for some of these things that we don't have.

I am in Seattle, living in the basement suite of my son's home. They, at present, are in Hawaii for a week's vacation. Last Sunday night I got a severe pain in my kidney area. I took some pain pills but they weren't much help. I got up in the morning and felt much better. As I moved around, my son said, “Shall we take you to the doctor?” I said that I would probably be alright. He went to work and they were to fly out the next morning.

That morning I was in rough shape so they got me to a doctor. I had not been there before as I am in good health. My son got a lady to take me in. We filled out some papers then went to the lab. Some time later back to the doctor. My temperature was normal, blood pressure fine, no kidney stones, no diabetes but my blood sugar was at 300. (100 is normal) Once in a while I have had to throw up, but not often.

The last question the doctor asked, “What medication are you on?” “Well, I don't take any medication.” That brought quite a response from these folks. I could see them thinking “Who is this guy? He's pushing 87 and takes no medications! No high blood pressure!? Pain? What problems have we got here?” The doctor said that I couldn't be alone tonight as I could pass out at any time and that meant it could be a long night without a morning.

They contacted my son and he would call me that night at 10:00. A friend, a male nurse on night shift, would call around 2:00 and another would call around 6:00. If there was no response they'd call 911. Night came and my son called and I went to bed without medication. What were they to medicate me for?

These times will come to an end. And now the big question is, “What preparations have I made for the future?” I have a plot beside my wife in the cemetery. I have a passport that Jesus signed at Calvary. But the big question is, “Have I lived up to the conditions stated there?”

These preparations should be made before the doctor says it could be the end so when the next time is now....

More next week.