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The disciples' hopes crashed.

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When Jesus dies on the cross, the disciples' hopes crashed. These hopes were for an earthly kingdom. When Jesus rose they revived. It lasted until they saw Jesus rise to go back to Heaven. The last question they asked before Jesus' ascension was, “Will you at this time set up your kingdom here?” Jesus said that he would give them power to tell the story to the whole world. The two angels came and told them that He would return just as they had seen Him go.

Earlier, Jesus had told His disciples the gospel which is the story of His birth, baptism and how He had healed people as well as how He opened their eyes and ears and forgave them, also how Jesus fed the multitude and raised the dead but then was put to a cruel death on the cross by the jealous priests. The story also tells of His time in the tomb, His resurrection and of His return to Heaven. Jesus promises that when everyone on Earth has heard the wonderful story and has had the opportunity to accept Him, then and only then would Jesus return to take those to Heaven.

What a job to go and tell the whole world. The prophet Daniel said that at the time of the end knowledge would increase. Look at what has happened and is still going on in the world of communication.

The Adventist church has a powerful radio station on the island of Guam. There it can transmit over most of Asia and a lot of places where meetings and preachers are not allowed. The law cannot stop the radio waves from getting in to these places so people can hear the good news of our creator God who loves them. He is so different from the gods they have. When they accept the good news they share with others and they begin to listen and so the story is told and told and told. Isn't it wonderful how God provides the means for the church to beam the truth of God to so many?

Jesus said that more tragedy is on it's way. Famines, sickness, earthquakes, floods and more would happen just before the second coming. Daniel spoke of problems such as never were, like the threat of a nuclear meltdown?

The good book is truth and prophecies are true. We need to pay attention to what was given for our time.