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“ If you love Me keep My commandments.”

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Jesus said, “if you love Me keep My commandments.” Let us see why we should love Him? Let's look back at Creation. Let's see what took place there in the beautiful garden. God had a tree of which He said to Adam, “Do not eat of it's fruit or touch it lest you die.” Satan said to Eve, “ye shall not surely die.” (that was the first lie)

Once Adam and Eve ate they suddenly realized that they were naked and tried to make coverings for themselves with large fig leaves. (which were not very durable)

Let's get the picture of what took place. God, Standing and talking to them but also present is satan and his angels along with God's angels members of other worlds. God asks Adam to bring one of his bet lambs then He hands Adam a knife and tells him to butcher the lamb. Adam does as he is told and the bleeding victim falls down, gives a few kicks and dies. This sad scene is the first death that ever happened for previously there had been no sin.

The word says, “The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is life through Jesus.” Jesus, in the garden, now points to the sad scene of the dead lamb. In Genesis 3:15 He says, “I will put enmity between the and the woman (representing the church) that He will put Himself into their place. He tells the pair that the dead lamb is what will happen to you. What a gasp of sorrow and tears. Jesus said, “But this will happen to Me for I will take your place to give you another chance.” What a sense of joy and sadness as they see the saving of man but also the future death of Jesus.

Four thousand years later this promise was fulfilled as man is driven on by the lying satan. The greed for power puts Jesus through the pain and suffering before the cross and then on the cross.

Here Jesus says, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” We see the real love and a real reason why we should love Him. More and more He wants us forgiven. He wants to take us to Heaven when He comes.

The beautiful scene of Jesus coming in all His glory is not long to be fulfilled. When we see the prophecies of old being fulfilled before our eyes, when we see the problems that are taking place now we will know He is soon to return. These problems are as bells ringing and asking the question, “Are you ready to live in a sinless place with Jesus?”