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What a time we are in?

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What a time we are in? The news is just full of the destruction in Japan and the earthquake, the tsunami and the threat of a nuclear disaster all happening at the same time. Think about the after effects the nuclear situation can have and also the sea water and the debris that the water has dumped on the farmland where they grow crops to eat. For the present, the shelves in Tokyo are empty. The fear is reaching our country. The fear of what could happen. Could the fall our reach across the Pacific ocean? Let's thank the good Lord that we have been spared these problems. But also, lets pray for the dear ones who are caught in the midst of this destruction.

Our God is the mighty God. He spoke the world into existence and has a thousand ways to help His children (if we ask in faith) for He is a loving God. We see His love, care and power in the good world He has created though sin has brought problems. We see His love when we look at the word and read the story of the cross and the tomb and what was done for us there because He loves and cares for each one of us. We see His love and care when we read His promise and invitation into Heaven. We see His love and care because Jesus said He would prepare for His people.

In the book of James he says that to prepare us for Heaven we need to look at God's law. We need to read the law in Exodus 20 and look at ourselves and see if we are the kind of person who God wants to take to Heaven. He says that we need to examine ourselves first like we do when we look into a mirror. There we want to look just right when we go to work or where ever we go. So it is in God's law. He says that we need to see ourselves just as Jesus sees us. We must leave all our problems here before Jesus takes us to Heaven. If we could take them with us it wouldn't take long before Heaven would be no better than what we have here today.

Today on the news they have cracked a pedophile ring. That kind of person Jesus will not want in Heaven and neither do we. Let's remember the earth's problems will not end with Japan or Libya. We may need God protecting hand one day.