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“ There was war in Heaven.”

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When we turn on the news we see problems. Fuel prices are up, there is war in the middle east, what is the cause for all these problems? Greed seems to be the big problem. Is this something new?

In Revelation 12 we read, “There was war in Heaven.” The dragon and his angels fought against Michael and His angels. Michael is Christ. The dragon is lucifer. Lucifer was the highest angel in Heaven. The war was about power. Lucifer wanted power equal to God. How could a created being be equal with his creator? Greed does strange things.

Lucifer, very quietly talked to the other angels and promised that if he were at the head things would be better for all. One third of the angels joined with lucifer. When it came to open rebellion, lucifer and his angels were cast out of Heaven into this earth. When it became obvious that he was working to destroy the unity of Heaven, why did God not destroy him? He easily could have. What would the angels on both sides and the members of the other worlds have thought if lucifer were suddenly gone? He was a very intelligent and handsome being and he was very well liked. If God would have told them that He did away with lucifer because of his attitude Heaven would have become a place of distrust, fear and unhappiness. That is not what God had in mind for His family.

God set in motion His plan. His plan was not built around greed and self-seeking but on love, truth and trust. God said to Adam in the garden about the tree, “In the day thou eat of it you will surely die.” Not that death would come precisely at that moment but Adam would receive the death sentence. The real character of satan would have to become known to all and so would the real character of God. The word says, “the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

In the word of God we see two sides, not three or five, just two. The first is like in a war. Satan's side, built on greed and selfishness, which results in envy, hatred, misery and death. God's side is built on truth, love, grace, forgiveness, happiness and eternal life.

The word mentions two roads and Joshua said, “choose ye which way you would go.” How important it is that we make the right choice. Let's ask God to help us.