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'I know where you are and what conditions are.'

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When John writes to the 7th church he begins just like this, “Jesus says, 'I know where you are and what conditions are.'” He says, “You are lukewarm not cold or hot.”

He sees the church in a real comfortable condition and he says, “I can't do anything for you or with you in that state.” John continues, “You say you are rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing but you are blind to your condition.”

Does Jesus when looking at our day, see the mediocre society we live in with our fine homes, cars, RVs, and clothes? There is nothing wrong with this but what place do they have in our hearts? Jesus' council is to buy gold purified in the fire and white raiment. These represent the church of Jesus. But to buy something costs not only money but maybe lifestyle habits, maybe food too.

Jesus has not give up on us. He says that He is knocking at our door and is hoping we will open up and let Him in. He wants to share a meal with us. He is not inviting us to Tim Horton's for a dose of caffeine or to McDonald's for a burger. The food Jesus is talking about is the food of His word.

There are many ideas and stories about what the word says. I hear people say, “I think another way.” or “This is not relevant for our day.” and “These are ideas that better suit our life.”

What Jesus wants us to see is what does the word says. The Bible was written for all people for all times. God says, “I change not. I am the same yesterday, today and forever.” That is why we can trust His word for it is always the truth.

There is a bit more emphasis in the word for our time for it is pointing to the end and the second coming of Jesus. Throughout scripture the second coming and the resurrection, these happen at the same time. They are mentioned in the word about fifteen hundred times for they are very special events.

The prophet, Daniel, talked about the end as “troublesome times.” We don't have to go far to see trouble in the world today, just look at the middle East. All we need is in the word. We find God still has the last word. He says to His people, “Call upon Me in the time of trouble. I will deliver thee and thou shalt glorify Me.”

In God's word, I always like it when He says, “I will” for He has the power to do it. In that we find hope and peace.