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Hope for Our Time # 13

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Hope for Our Time

week 13

The second resurrection will come one thousand years after the first. The dead are resurrected only to see what they have missed and to hear the verdict for their life of rebellion and sin. This will make up the week, “ thousand years of sin...”

Now, when that is over the scripture says sin will rise no more for all the universe will have seen the result of disobedience and the tampering with God's holy law. They will also see the love and patience of Jesus in giving His life to give all the hope and opportunity of eternal life.

God says He has no pleasure in the destruction of the unrighteous. So, while things on Earth such as earthquakes, floods, violence and corruption are still going on God has not closed the door of mercy but has it wide open for all to enter. He says that His outstretched arms are open to take in any and all who are troubled and heavy laden with the load of sin. He says, “I will give you rest [and peace.]” Now is the best time to come to Him. There is still room available. The price is right and the down payment is low so why wait any longer?