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Hope for Our Time # 11

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Hope for Our Time

week 11


When Jesus comes to earth to take His faithful children to Heaven it will be the greatest display of power ever to take place.

John the Revelator says, “Behold He cometh with clouds and every eye shall see Him.”

The clouds that the prophet sees are not black rain clouds but clouds of angels that come with Jesus to be a part of the great resurrection. The prophet also said there would be silence in Heaven. That means there will be no angelic music in Heaven for all the angels will be with Jesus.

What a wonderful day that will be for God's people who have probably been going through some rough times (like the people in Haiti). But what about the poor people who have lived for themselves and had no time or place for Jesus or God's word? The Revelator also says that they will be terrified at the coming of Jesus and will beg the rocks and hills to cover them up. They will run into caves and holes in the rocks to hide themselves so they won't have to meet Jesus whom they have shunned all their lives.

Joshua said, “Choose ye this day when ye will serve.” But to make a good choice we need to know something of the One in question. The church would be a good place to start so why not give us a try?