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Hope for Our Time # 10

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Hope for Our Time

week 10


Last week we looked at winter and that it comes to all we see. The first snow of winter is when we turn grey. We can't depend on that as the sign for death comes to any and all ages.

God created Adam out of the dust of the ground and after sin God said to Adam, “from dust thou art and to dust shalt thou return.” The wise men said the living know that they shall die but the dead know nothing. They know nothing of the passing of time and their bodies turn to dust.

God has a wonderful system of record keeping. If we think our computer system is great we should see what God has. Who gave man the computer knowledge?

How long is man's winter? We think in terms of years but what to the one who has gone to sleep?

The apostle Paul, in first Corinthians, talks about a moment. What is that moment? That is the time that the one asleep sees. From the moment the eyes are closed in the sleep of death everything stops. All time stands still. When Jesus comes with all the holy angels and when the sound of the trumpet reaches the dust of the dead something wonderful happens. The creative power of Jesus recreates the dust and a brand new person stands up in the prime of his of her life.

The apostle Paul says, “The dead in Christ rise first and those who are alive in Christ at that time shall be changed then all rise to meet the Lord in the air.” What a plan! What a Saviour!