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Hope for Our Time # 9

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Hope for Our Time

week 9


The beautiful gold of the leaves on the trees have turned to a plain yellow and now are falling off destined to become fertilizer. This was God's plan for the world after sin entered.

God had a great plan for us. The days here are getting shorter and colder but for someone on the other side of the world the days are getting longer and warmer. The trees and plants have worked all spring and summer to produce leaves, flowers and fruit and now is their time to rest. The geese and other foul came north to take advantage of the long summer days and plenty of feed now have gone south to winter.

All wild animals had their young in the spring and are now grown enough to weather the winter. All have grown long, thick coats of fur to insulate them from the cold. Others have gone into dens and are in for a long winter sleep waiting the warmth of the sun to wake them in the spring. All of nature in snow is ready for winter. What a wonderful plan the Creator put him place to perpetuate life here on earth.

What about man? His earthly winter comes but once and when we see the world and the things going on we can almost see the first snow flakes beginning to fall and the big, big question is...are we ready for winter?