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Hope for Our Time # 8

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Hope for Our Time

week 8



What a beautiful morning! The sun is rising in a cloudless sky. There were days like this 70 years ago when men were fighting. They were killing each other and all because they did not believe the Word of God.

The prophet, Daniel, had foretold the future of nations 2500 years into the future, that the Roman Empire who took in all of western Europe, was to divide according to the prophecy. This came true about 400AD. The prophecy said it would never unite again no matter what man would do. Man did not believe the prophecy and several times through the years men tried to unite it by force. God had said “No” and millions of men died trying to change that word. The Word of God never changes and is still “No.”

These days on the news we see and hear of so much violence. Jesus had predicted this would come about. Why is this happening? It is because we don't believe God's word. His word says that we can have peace in our hearts instead of greed and corruption. We try to find happiness apart from God. The things we see in some people and the things we see in the natural world (disasters of every kind) God will bring to a close and give us true happiness and peace when Jesus returns.