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Hope for Our Time # 6

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Hope for Our Time

week 6


We see all kinds of problems in the world on the news. And we wonder is there anything good? Has God abandoned us to reap the crops of our own sowing? I have seen something this week that gives courage and hope. The 33 miners in Chile could be freed this week, had God forgotten them? No way! Many feet below the earth's surface God kept a space when everything caved in. A space where the 33 men could survive, water, enough air until help could come, head lamps to give light, and a means to send a message for help. In this world of problems, according to God's word,they will increase. We can be sure that God is watching and when things get bad He will find a way for his children that believe Him to deliver them. God did not forget His children. The danger I see is, could we forget Him? Our lives are so taken up with money, things, entertainment, that there is little or no time for God and when problems come and they will come we then expect Him to look after us . Lets not take that chance. God said, “ Today is the day of salvation”, tomorrow we are not sure of. The old testament prophet said, “Prepare to meet thy God O Israel.”