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Hope for Our Time # 5

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Hope for Our Time

week 5


When Jesus had identified Himself, He disappeared. The men went back to the city in the dark and met the disciples to bring them the good news that Jesus was alive. As they talked, Jesus came and stood in their midst. He said, “Peace be unto you.” Then He told them that had they studied and believed the prophecies about Him they would not have had to go through their sad experience.

What about our day? Should we be studying the Bible and prophecies to see what is to come? Strange things are happening. The other day in Hungary a surge of toxic, red sludge poured out of it's holding tank. Four people are dead and many hurt because of it. It has gone down into the Danube River, headed for the Black Sea and is killing everything in it's path.

In the book of Revelation, the prophet John saw an angel near the end of time pour a vial of something into the water. It became as the blood of a dead person (like the red sludge) and it killed the life in the water.

Is God giving us a small look at what the big picture could look like attempting to get our attention? Do we need to study the Word? Do we need to keep His commandments? Should we look away from materialism and self? Yes! We need to look to Jesus, our way to Heaven and eternal life.