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Hope for Our Time # 4

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Hope for Our Time

week 4

It was a very troubled day in old Jerusalem. Jesus had just said, “It is finished.” and died. The centurion said, “Truly, this was the Son of God.” The disciples had hid themselves for fear that they might be next. This was all on a Friday afternoon.

Two men took the dead body of Jesus off the cross, cleaned Him up, wrapped Him in new linen and laid Him in a new tomb nearby. They rolled a stone to seal the tomb.

Jesus spent the Sabbath, resting in the tomb. Early Sunday morning He resurrected.

When the women came early Sunday to embalm Him the angel greeted them and said, “He is not here. He is risen.” But, nobody had seen Him!?

Rumours flew as to where Jesus was. Later that afternoon, two men while walking home from Jerusalem were joined by a stranger. The stranger said to the men, “What kind of talk have you and why are you so sad?”

“Haven't you heard?” they asked the stranger.

“Heard what?” the stranger asked. They told him of the cruel death of Jesus who they hoped would be the restorer of Israel. This stranger said, “You slow of hearing.” The prophets had told of this event but people had not paid attention.

The stranger, Jesus, identified Himself to them. How happy the men were to find Jesus not dead but very much alive!! What good news for them and us! We too can then be resurrected.

His first coming was predicted but people changed the prophecies to suit themselves.

His second coming is much talked about in God's word. There are signs. The news looks much like what Jesus and the prophets predicted before His coming.

Time to look and see that Jesus makes no mistakes.